Jeremy Hershberg Thinks ‘Love Island USA’ Fans Hate Him The Most

At first, Love Island USA fans loved Jeremy Hershberg. They were charmed by his good looks and his six-pack abs. Then, as the season went on, they didn’t like that he would jump from girl to girl. Some of them even complained about his “boring” personality. Fans didn’t understand what it was about Jeremy that would make women fall to their feet.

Regardless of the fans’ votes, Jeremy stuck around. He made it to the very end. The islanders saved him time and time again, to the chagrin of fans. Thanks to America’s votes and the Twitter challenge, the hunk thinks that fans hate him.

Doesn’t see himself winning

Jeremy Hershberg joked in a recent episode that he doesn’t think he’ll win Love Island USA Season 3. He ended up with Bailey Marshall, who was one of the three last new girls to show up at the villa. The pair developed a connection that most fans don’t understand. Bailey says she loves his sarcasm and sense of humor.

Unfortunately, Jeremy’s personality hasn’t come across well on television. Some fans still don’t get why he’s still there. Others have given up and voted for Jeremy and Bailey because there’s no one good left on the show. Ironically, Jeremy ended up winning over fans towards the end. Yet, he thinks that he’s the most hated man in the villa.


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Is his father a producer for Love Island USA?!

Some have a feeling that Jeremy’s father works for CBS. The New York-based fitness trainer left fans baffled over his presence on the show. Love Island USA fans wonder if he’s a producer or if his father works for the show.

It could be the reason why Jeremy made it all the way to the finale. The internet is on fire with theories surrounding Jeremy’s presence on the show. Fans noticed that Jeremy’s father didn’t join the video call with his mom. Some wondered if the rumors about Jeremy’s father are true.

[Credit: Love Island USA/Instagram]
[Credit: Love Island USA/Instagram]

Is Jeremy Hershberg a producer?

Love Island USA fans haven’t liked Jeremy for a while now. They resorted to conspiracy theories to speculate why he’s made it this long. Jeremy claimed that he was looking for a serious relationship while failing to connect with most of the girls in the villa. During every recoupling ceremony, Jeremy found himself constantly at the bottom.

While the audience would try to vote him out, the islanders would surprise everyone by welcoming him back to the villa. Fans wonder why Jeremy has survived every elimination. Some have a feeling that he could be a producer of the show. Others think he’s paying the islanders to save him.

What are your thoughts on Jeremy? Do you think he has ties to CBS? Are you voting for Jeremy and Bailey? Sound off below in the comments.

The Love Island USA Season 3 finale air Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.

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