Jeremy & Jinger Vuolo Called Out Over New Video: ‘Not Very Christian’

Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo are currently under fire for a recent TikTok upload. The Counting On couple has been trying to build an audience on their many TikTok accounts, but it doesn’t seem to be successful so far. Some fans argue that TikTok may not be the right platform for them. Others think they’re continuously “grifting” and “scheming.” 

While trying to build a platform for themselves on TikTok, they have ended up getting a lot of attention, but it’s not the type of attention they’re looking for. So far, many of their TikTok uploads have not been well-received. Jeremy was previously called out for incorrectly preaching about religion. It’s possible that this new venture won’t go well for them.

Jinger & Jeremy Vuolo Instagram
Jinger & Jeremy Vuolo Instagram

Jinger & Jeremy Vuolo’s new video deemed ‘not very Christian’

The purpose of the new @Amazed account is “spreading hope through happy and funny moments.” On the TikTok account, Jinger and Jeremy reacted to a couple of viral videos. One is a bar event at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, and that one is still up on the TikTok account. In another TikTok, Jeremy and Jinger reacted to two people falling down their front porch steps. The couple laughed at the people who fell, which raised some questions in the comments.

Over on Reddit, Duggar family followers discussed the video and pointed out that the video doesn’t seem Christian-like. One user writes, “Not very Christian, Vuolos.”

Another user chimes in, “Nothing like laughing at someone falling on their back on a sharp edge and potentially breaking a vertebra.”

Someone else mentions that Jeremy is in training to be a pastor and asks, “Is this aspiring-pastor behavior? I remember a few clips from 19KAC where producers tried to get Jinger to say something unkind about her family members (e.g., ‘Who’s the worst cook?’) and she refused. But now she’s openly laughing at several people’s misfortune?”

It looks like Jeremy and Jinger received enough backlash and thought about their decision to post the video since they’ve now deleted it. They haven’t uploaded another reaction video yet either. Maybe they’re going to find another type of content to share on TikTok now.

Not very Christian, Vuolos from DuggarsSnark

So, do you think that Jeremy and Jinger Vuolo’s new video is an issue? Or do you think it’s no big deal? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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