Jeremy Kyle roasted for complaining that he’s been ‘cancelled’ despite having a new radio show’

Jeremy Kyle believes he’s been “cancelled” and is being duly roasted by people online as, despite this self-declaration, he’s managed to bag a radio show.

The former daytime TV host has joined the popular radio station, talkRADIO and in a recent interview with them has said: “In a democracy, you should be able to ask and say what you want.”

Kyle continued: “If you don’t like the response you don’t throw your toys out the pram,”

“Listen, I’ve been cancelled in this world it seems now that unless you follow a certain path, you’re labelled.

“And you have to fight back,” he added.

However, many are having a hard time believing Kyle has truly been cancelled due to him now being set to host talkRADIO’s Drivetime show on Monday-Thursdays at 4pm-7pm.

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People have since taken to Twitter to mock Kyle’s complaining, noting the irony that he now has a platform on a popular radio station.

Many also referred to the fact his famous daytime series “The Jeremy Kyle Show” was cancelled indefinitely after 14 years back in May 2019 when Steve Dymond, a guest on the show committed suicide.

As a result of this tragedy, MPs launched an inquiry into reality TV saying the shows “risk putting people who might be vulnerable on to a public stage at a point in their lives when they are unable to foresee the consequences”.

In a recent interview with The Sun, Kyle has spoken out for the first time regarding his show being axed following the death of Steve Dymond’s death and believes he has been “scapegoated” and “hunted”.

“I don’t want to sound ‘woe is me’, and as I’ve said the whole thing was a terrible tragedy — devastating for Steve Dymond’s friends and family, of course, and for the many people who worked on the show.

“But it did hit me hard,” Kyle admitted. “And it’s been awful to feel so scapegoated, and without being able to have my say about the accusations that often seemed to be levelled only at me.

“I’ve felt hunted and made out to be responsible for everything that ever took place around that show. But I was just the face of it.

Kyle will begin his talkRADIO hosting duties on 13th September and when asked what listeners can expect from his new radio show, Kyle said his show will have “Honesty, debate” and be “a rollercoaster.”

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