Jeremy Vuolo Blasted For Using Baby Prop #2 To Earn Easy Money

Former Counting On stars Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo are often called out on social media for “grifting.” Fans and critics believe the couple is trying to use the Duggar name to earn more money without actually working. Now, it looks like Jeremy might be using his second child to make money.

As Duggar fans may know, Jinger and Jeremy no longer post photos of their daughters’ faces. Jinger stated that they want to give Felicity, 3, and Evangeline, 9 months, more privacy, especially while they’re young.

Every so often, photos of Jinger and Jeremy’s kids will pop up on social media, but they are of the back of their kids’ heads or of their feet so no one can see their faces. After fans begged for more photos of the kids, Jinger shared a couple of snaps of a typical afternoon with her daughters.


Jeremy Vuolo shares a rare photo of Evangeline.

Interestingly, Jeremy shared a new photo of their second daughter, Evangeline, and tagged an Instagram account that features sneaker photos. In the photo, Evangeline is sitting in a baby swing. Of course, her face isn’t visible. The little one is wearing a pair of Nike Air Force 1s.

On FacebookCounting On viewers are talking about the post. One writes, “Way to exploit the feet of a baby who’s not even walking. They are disgusting.” Another one adds, “Spending way too much money on designer baby shoes that will be outgrown in a short amount of time. Yup, seems smart.”

Felicity and Evangeline are sometimes referred to as ‘props.’

There may be an explanation for Jeremy’s post, though. Duggar Snarks on Reddit often refer to Felicity and Evangeline as “props.” This is because Jinger and Jeremy previously looked like they were using photos of their kids to get more interaction on social media. Of course, Duggar fans would love to see pictures of the kids instead of seeing Jeremy’s dinner. So, naturally, those pictures got more likes.

Interaction, such as likes and comments, is important on social media. If Jeremy and Jinger want to sell their book or work with other companies to promote their products, having a lot of followers and interactions can help.

So, if Jeremy wanted to get some attention from the sneaker page, it makes sense that he would post a photo of Evangeline’s shoes. Maybe he’s trying to get free shoes or wants to have a partnership where he posts about the page and they pay him.

So, do you think that Jeremy Vuolo is just trying to earn easy money by posting photos of Evangeline? Or do you think there’s another reason he tagged the sneaker page? Let us know in the comments below.

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