Jerry O’Connell ‘Ruffling Feathers’ On ‘The Talk’ With His Mansplaining?

Is Jerry O’Connell‘s “mansplaining” on The Talk grating his co-hosts nerves? One tabloid insists the new co-host is “ruffling feathers” on the show. Gossip Cop investigates.

Jerry O’Connell Mansplaining On ‘The Talk’?

After Sharon Osbourne’s exit, Jerry O’Connell has filled her seat, and the response has been a mixed bag. This week, the National Enquirer insists O’Connell hasn’t won over his co-hosts. In fact, the outlet claims O’Connell is grating on their nerves with his constant mansplaining. An inside source dished, “Jerry is a super nice guy, but he’s stepped into a world that’s been 100 percent female forever,” adding, “Instead of taking a back seat and learning the lay of the land, Jerry wants to shake up the show and breathe new life into it.”

Jerry O’Connell Refusing To Listen To Female Co-Hosts?

So, is it true O’Connell is changing things up on The Talk? Well, maybe a little bit, but not for the reasons the magazine gives. While O’Connell was a big change for The Talk, things seem far from tense on the show. While O’Connell has caused quite a shake-up, it seems to be due to his infectiously upbeat energy and the fact that he’s the first male co-host in the show’s history. Otherwise, viewers are generally reacting fondly to his entrance, and he has great chemistry with his co-hosts.

The outlet provides no examples for O’Connell’s alleged “mansplaining,” so it’s unclear what the tabloid even meant. The short blurb seems to only focus on the fact that he’s a man entering a ladies’ show. But if anyone on the actual program is upset that O’Connell has crashed the girls’ club, they haven’t spoken up. Just to make this report even more suspicious, this very same tabloid once reported O’Connell was trying to take over Wendy Williams’s show. From what we can tell, O’Connell was a great choice for Osbourne’s replacement.

The Tabloid On ‘The Talk’

This isn’t the first time the National Enquirer has been wrong about The Talk. Ever since Sharon Osbourne left, the tabloid has been unstoppable in its speculation about the show. First, the magazine reported that the show’s executives actually changed their minds and decided to bring Osbourne back. Then the outlet alleged Marie Osmond would come back to the show as Osbourne’s replacement. Then, in a crazy twist, the publication reported Meghan McCain would take Osbourne’s place after her own exit from The View. Obviously, the show has no actual insight into The Talk.

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