Jerry Seinfeld On His Experience Making Lego Promo Video For Netflix

Jerry Seinfeld appeared on “Today” and discussed with host Jenna Bush Hager what it was like to become a Lego for a promotional video for his sitcom’s release on Netflix.

The hit sitcom about nothing was released on Netflix this month, and to promote it, the streaming platform created a Lego short that advertised the show’s return as a Lego creation.

For the short, Seinfeld adorned a Lego man outfit, kitted with clip-on hair, and did different mundane activities while former co-star Bryan Cranston, who played a recurring role as dentist Tim Whatley, narrated.

Cranston appeared as an old-timey announcer as he announced the show’s arrival to the platform and explained it would now be in Lego form. Cranston began:

” Coming this fall to Netflix: Seinfeld! It’s must-see TV like you’ve never seen it before. Inspired by the wildly popular Lego set model. It’s Lego Seinfeld.”

During the promotional video, Seinfeld walked excitedly around his Lego set apartment, made and ate a bowl of cereal, and tried to use a Lego phone that did not work.

The comedian touched on the experience of dressing up like his Lego counterpart while talking to Bush Hager during a segment for “Today.” His Lego outfit featured a blue shirt and black pants.

Last year, the actor wrote an op-ed, insisting the city would return to its grandeur…

When asked whether he enjoyed the experience during the interview that aired on Monday, Seinfeld remarked that anyone would want the chance to dress up as the iconic toy.

Seinfeld shared his appreciation for the orderliness of the building blocks, stating Lego could “order the universe” because as long as someone follows the instructions, it makes sense. Seinfeld explained to Bush Hager:

“You can order the universe with Lego… If you follow the instructions and you complete the model, it makes sense.”

However, he revealed that the process of filming the short was more strenuous than the 90-second video makes it look. In fact, it took over an hour and a half to film the last few seconds of Seinfeld skating off the set.

After discussing the excitement over the Lego short and Netflix streaming “Seinfeld,” Bush Hager and Seinfeld turned their attention to his love of his town, New York City.

Last year, the actor wrote an op-ed insisting the city would return to its grandeur following the COVID-19 pandemic. About his support, he told Bush Hager he was proud for standing up for his home.

Fans of the comedian and the sitcom can now catch all 180 episodes on Netflix. Although it is not a Lego version, fans can purchase a Lego “Seinfeld” set from the Lego website.


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