Jersey Shore Family Vacation season 4 episode 26 preview: A talent show

Jersey ShoreWhen Jersey Shore Family Vacation season 4 episode 26 arrives on MTV next week, you’re going to see more of Jwoww’s birthday celebration. On paper, it’s easy to look at this and think “yea, that could be fun.” Typically, this show is all about fun!

Unfortunately, there’s often a point with every party where things start to go off the rails a little bit. Maybe something is fun at one point, only to then take a pretty dramatic turn a moment or two later. This could be what happens in this upcoming episode and, to the surprise of no one, Angelina could find herself at the center of the chaos.

Below, we got the full Jersey Shore Family Vacation season 4 episode 26 synopsis with more insight as to what lies ahead:

Jwoww’s birthday celebration is on the verge of going off the rails when Snooki’s alter ego Dren RSVPs. Vinny hosts the he first, and possibly the last, annual Jersey Shore Poconos talent show, and tension brews between Dren and Angelina.

We’ve seen tension between Angelina and various cast members on this show from the very beginning — with that in mind, we gotta say that there’s nothing about this part of the episode that leaves us particularly intrigued. That changes a little bit, however, when you think about the talent show. We actually know that some of these cast members have some legitimate talent — there’s a reason why Pauly D has made so much money over the years as a DJ! We’re just not sure that we’re going to be seeing any sort of legitimate talent here at all — just awkward comedy, which is the sort of comedy that this show does well.

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