Jesse Metcalfe Says Goodbye For Now To ‘Chesapeake Shores’

Just a few months ago, Chesapeake Shores fans were shocked when Hallmark announced that Jesse Metcalfe was leaving the dramatic series. On Sunday, fans saw the last of Trace Riley. Or did they?

The Desperate Housewives star has finally talked about his shocking departure. Moreover, he also discussed whether he would return to the series.

There will be spoilers. This is a warning.

Jesse Metcalfe Says Goodbye In Final Chesapeake Shores Episode

On Sunday, Chesapeake Shores fans got to see Jesse Metcalfe’s final performance on the Hallmark series. Despite building a recording studio in Season 4, But, realizing he needs to “stop chasing ghosts,” Trace has decided to move on. He needs to move on. Therefore, Trace Riley leaves the Shores.

Moreover, this means that Abby (Meghan Ory) is alone. Trace didn’t even say goodbye. However, Abby knows that is not his thing.

While Abby and the rest of the O’Briens continue on their quest for happiness, we can only wonder what happens to Trace. Will Hallmark fans ever know?

Jesse Metcalfe Keeps The Possibility Of Returning To Chesapeake Shores Open

Is this goodbye forever for Jesse Metcalfe and his character Trace Riley? Maybe not. Speaking to ET, Metcalfe talked extensively about why he left, and why he believes Trace could return.

First of all, he made a strong point. Citing he didn’t have a “crystal ball,” the actor pointed out “Trace didn’t die. It’s not the end of the road for Trace. He could always come back to Chesapeake Shores. It’s possible.”

Moreover, he has made it clear that he has not “shut the door.” Jesse seems open to returning. “I certainly haven’t shut it.” He then continued. “I would definitely be open to that, given that the show was continuing to perform seasons down the line.”

Lastly, Metcalfe shared what needs to happen to return. “I think a lot hinges on season 5 as to how much longevity the show will ultimately have.”

‘No One Saw’ Him Leaving Chesapeake Shores

When talking about his future, Jesse Metcalfe shared that he still wants to be part of an “acclaimed” television series to pursue a movie career. Not only that, but he does want to also continue to work on his music.

However, Jesse seems to admit that even he is surprised to find himself in this place. But in the end, it came down to “growth” and giving himself some challenges.

“No one saw this decision coming for me to leave Chesapeake, but sometimes the hardest decisions are the best ones to make and the ones that you grow the most from. I think this is one of those decisions.”

In the end, Metcalfe shares that he is “incredibly proud” of his accomplishments on this show. While carefully explaining that the show had now seen three showrunners in five seasons, it just seemed that in the end, he was ready to move on.

However, there is always that chance that he will come back. When and in what capacity is the big question.

Chesapeake Shores Season 5 airs Sunday nights on the Hallmark Channel.

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