Jessica Alba Fighting With Husband, ‘At Each Other’s Throats’?

Did Jessica Alba and Cash Warren hit a rough patch in their marriage during the COVID-19 lockdown? Last year, one tabloid claimed the Honest Company founder was fighting with her husband non-stop. Let’s check back in on the couple.

Jessica Alba And Cash Warren ‘At Each Other’s Throats’?

Around this time last year, Life & Style reported Jessica Alba and Cash Warren may “act like they’re the perfect couple,” but in reality, they were struggling to keep their marriage afloat. An insider explained, “The truth is that their marriage isn’t all roses and rainbows. Far from it. They’re at each other’s throats.” While Alba and Warren quarantined with their children, the tight quarters were taking their toll.

“They’re butting heads. Big-time,” the source dished. Part of the issue was Warren’s inability to blow off steam. “Lockdown is preventing him from having a social life and he’s taking it out on Jessica,” the tipster revealed. “Cash can be stubborn, difficult, and jealous, and if he doesn’t get his way, everyone knows about it.” Apparently, Alba was getting fed up. “At one point, Jessica abruptly left the house and took the kids because she needed space. They made up afterward, but her patience is wearing thin.”

Friends Worried Jessica Alba And Cash Warren ‘Won’t Pull Through’?

Alba and Warren are doing just fine. Sure, their marriage isn’t always a walk in the park — no marriage is. But it’s clear they are still completely devoted to one another. Back in July, Alba sat down for a frank discussion about her marriage and family on Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt’s Instagram series Before, During & After Baby.

On the show, Alba explained that she and Warren used to get caught up in their routines and have trouble making time for each other. “It’s all rosy for two and a half years. But then after that, you become roommates,” Alba joked. “You’re just going through the motions. You have the responsibilities; it’s a lot of, like, checking the boxes, right?”

But she acknowledged the importance of checking in with your spouse. “It’s a life journey,” added Alba, “and if you’re both every day deciding to do it, it’s gonna work out, regardless of the drama, regardless of anything that happens. If you’re both like, ‘I want to figure this out,’ nothing can really break that. The second one of you is checked out then it’s a one-sided relationship. Because you’re not always gonna be on the same page, and you’re not always gonna grow at the same pace.” It’s clear Alba and Warren have a healthy relationship and are dedicated to raising their wonderful family.

The Tabloid On Celebrity Marriages

This is hardly the first time Life & Style claimed a celebrity marriage was failing when they were really doing just fine. Not long ago, the tabloid claimed Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli were divorcing. Then the magazine reported Kristen Bell didn’t trust Dax Shepard. And then the tabloid alleged Reese Witherspoon was “drifting apart” from her husband. Obviously, Life & Style has no insight into celebrity marriages.


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