Jessica Batten Says Two ‘Love Is Blind’ Co-Stars Blocked Her

Love Is Blind fans know that not all the castmates get along. And after the reunion special, it’s clear that Amber Pike and Jessica Batten still aren’t on great terms. In fact, Jessica recently revealed that Amber and her husband Matt Barnett blocked her on social media.

Jessica Batten tried to make up with the Barnetts, to no avail

During the After the Alter special, fans saw Jessica Batten try to play nicely with the Barnetts and even brought an apology gift for them. However, they rejected her gift and refused to speak to her, leaving Jessica in tears.

“It was definitely difficult to see a lot of it played back, but I have to say that I’m really proud of myself for coming full circle and having the courage to walk in there,” Jessica recently told ET. “It was a big decision for me to go back on the show.”

“I really had to rely on myself and a lot of strong people around me,” she went on to say. “I thought I owed it to everyone to walk back in there and kind of speak my peace.”

Jessica admitted it caught her off guard when Barnett and Amber treated her so coldly at the reunion.

“Obviously I knew they’re not my biggest fans. It was on my heart to approach them and let them know, ‘Hey, so much time has passed. I’m happy for y’all,’” she told ET. “I’ve worked through all my emotions. I’ve been put through it in the press and I’ve moved on a long time ago from that. So yeah, I handed them the gift and I didn’t expect this. Probably most awkward moment of my entire life. I’m just standing there, holding out this bag, and [Barnett] just wouldn’t grab the bag. It was quite embarrassing.”

Amber Pike/Instagram

Everyone just wants to move on and move forward with their lives

But even so, Jessica doesn’t carry any negative feelings for the Barnetts.

“I don’t have their information and they’ve blocked me on social media, so I don’t have a way to really get to them,” the Love Is Blind star shared in the interview. “They’ve blocked me, so I can’t see anything that they post.”

“I really don’t have anything negative to say to them,” she concluded. “Hopefully they can come to a place where they can recognize that I do exist in this world. I think that was probably the most hurtful thing.”

Do you think that Amber and Barnett need to forgive Jessica, or was she in the wrong here? Be sure to let us know how you feel in the comments. We’re always curious to see what you have to say about Love Is Blind.

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