Jigsaw Netflix Series Release Date, Cast, And More

“Jigsaw” doesn’t yet have an announced premiere date, but it shouldn’t be too far off. As reported by Variety, the show is currently filming at Netflix’s new Bushwick-based production facility, Netflix Studios: Brooklyn. Since the cast is set (more below) and the show is actively being made, it should premiere sometime in 2022.

By comparison, another Netflix show that was filmed in New York City, “Russian Doll,” took about a year between the start of production and the premiere. “Russian Doll” started shooting on February 18, 2018, and debuted on February 1, 2019 (via On Location Vacations). Both “Russian Doll” Season 1 and “Jigsaw’s” upcoming first season include eight episodes, so we’d expect a similar timeline for the latter series.

So, look for “Jigsaw” to debut in September 2022. But we should have a more precise date available in the coming months, and we’ll update this article accordingly. 


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