Jill Duggar breaks dad Jim Bob’s rules again by sending son Israel, 6, back to public school for 1st grade

COUNTING On’s Jill Duggar once again broke her dad Jim Bob’s strict rules by sending her son Israel, six, back to public school.

The 30-year-old reality star shared adorable photos of her eldest son heading off to his first day of 1st grade, despite her dad’s rule about homeschooling kids.


Jill Duggar revealed she’s once again sent her son Israel, 6, to public schoolCredit: Jill Duggar/Instagram
This goes against her parents Jim Bob and Michelle's homeschooling rule


This goes against her parents Jim Bob and Michelle’s homeschooling ruleCredit: TLC

Last year, Jill made the decision to not keep Israel at home and instead send him off to kindergarten.

She stood her ground and made the same choice of public schooling again this year, even though homeschooling is a strict rule of her dad Jim Bob’s and mom Michelle’s.

Announcing the decision, Jill shared a few adorable photos of her 6-year-old heading out for his big day back.

Israel smiled big for the camera while standing on their front lawn, holding up a sign that shared his age, his new grade, and a few of his favorite things, including basketball and pizza.

In the caption, Jill wrote: “🍎📚1st day of 1st grade was last week for this big guy! 😃Its hard to believe we are already here!! 😢 

“Israel loved walking Fenna to school on his first day & she was super happy too, but got a little concerned after he walked inside…she stood there and kept watching for him.

“Israel’s kindergarten teacher moved up with him to 1st grade this year and we couldn’t be happier!”

The mother of two shares Israel and his younger brother Samuel, four, with her husband, Derrick Dillar.

At the end of the post, she added that “Sam is super happy to be getting some one-on-one time with mommy in preschool at home & on-the-go with regular library visits and fun classes they offer!”

Along with a solo snap of Israel, Jill also included a few photos of her, Sam, and Derrick, as well as their dog, all posing with him.

Following his first day at school last year, fans praised the mom for signing up her son for school.

One Counting On fan wrote: “I hope Israel loves going to school.”

While another added: “You can tell even from under his mask that he is so excited.”

And a third said: “I think it’s awesome you are sending him to school and going against the grain of you family values! You do you, you’re doing great and following your gut.”

Jill has been distancing herself from her family after she and Derick stepped away from their strict conservative values.

She’s often gone against Jim Bob rules and has been seen in gym shorts, strapless tops, and jeans, in defiance of the family’s strict dress code alongside her sisters, Jessa, 28, Jinger, 27, and cousin, Amy, 34.

Jill and her husband have deviated from these rules in several ways such as by drinking and, most recently, puckering up in public.

She kissed her shirtless husband in a raunchy post during their seaside vacation and posted it to Instagram.

The Counting On star shared sweet photos of her family sending Israel off on his first day of first grade


The Counting On star shared sweet photos of her family sending Israel off on his first day of first gradeCredit: Jill Duggar/Instagram
Jill posted snaps of them all taking turns posing with him, including their dog


Jill posted snaps of them all taking turns posing with him, including their dogCredit: Jill Duggar/Instagram
Jill Duggar bares her shoulders in a tank top as she continues to defy strict family dress code amid feud


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