Jill Duggar’s New Photos Spark Dog Health And Safety Concerns

As we reported, former Counting On stars Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard have a new family member! The couple revealed earlier this year that they went to the local animal shelter and brought home a dog. The adorable dog joins the couple’s six-year-old son Israel and three-year-old son Samuel.

Since Jill and Derick adopted the dog, Fenna, they have shared lots of photos and videos of her. Counting On fans love all of the updates about the dog, and they are glad to see that the family is adjusting so well to having her in their lives.

In one recent post, Jill reveals that the boys like reading to Fenna, as well. Based on what she has shared, it sounds like the whole family is glad to have her in their lives.

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Jill Duggar slammed over her dog’s health and safety.

In a recent social media post, Jill reveals that Fenna gets to ride in the car to take Israel to school in the morning. She posted several cute photos, as well as a video on her Instagram stories. While many fans think the photos are cute and love that Fenna gets to be a part of the family’s life, others are concerned for her health and safety.

One fan points out that Fenna should be tethered in the car or that Jill needs to buy a doggie seatbelt to keep her safe. They write, “Please please please get that dog a car harness and seatbelt!!!” They also warn her of the dangers of getting in a car accident without the dog buckled in.

Another commenter has another concern. They write, “She looks sad and thin.” Someone else defends Jill and Derick, pointing out that some breeds are supposed to be leaner than others. They write, “She’s a malinois, they are supposed to be fit. Overfeeding your dog is not love and dogs aren’t supposed to look like sausages.”

While Jill is getting some criticism for how she treats her dog, most fans agree that it looks like Fenna has a great life. They’re glad that Fenna was adopted and has a loving home now.

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So, do you think fans should be so concerned about Jill Duggar’s dog’s health and safety? Or do you think Jill and Derick have things under control? Let us know in the comments below.

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