Jim Bob Duggar Finally Lets Jana Get Away Without A Chaperone

Jana Duggar has finally gotten away, and this time, her father Jim Bob didn’t join her. As fans know, the eldest Duggar daughter is 31 years old. But since she’s not married, she still lives at home with her parents. Jim Bob and Michelle have some pretty strict rules for their kids, and they aren’t always able to do things without a chaperone.

But now, it looks like 31-year-old Jana officially has the freedom she deserves.

Jim Bob Duggar previously chaperoned his daughter’s trip.

Duggar fans may recall that last year, Jim Bob went along with Jana on a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada. Jana was attending the Las Vegas Market, which features furniture, gifts, and home decor.

Fans were shocked that the dad felt the need to accompany his 30-year-old daughter and her friends on a trip. He received a lot of backlash at the time for not allowing his grown daughter go on the trip by herself.

Duggar Family Instagram

Jana Duggar & Laura DeMasie get away for the weekend.

So, when it was revealed that Jana was at the same market this year, fans were pleasantly surprised to see that she wasn’t being chaperoned by Jim Bob.

On Laura DeMasie’s Instagram stories, she revealed that she and Jana are in Las Vegas for the weekend. Laura is a family friend of the Duggars. But she has even been rumored to be Jana’s love interest.

Laura shared a photo from the airport, as well as a couple of snaps when the women arrived at the Market. So far, Jana hasn’t posted anything about the market, but she may share some cute photos soon enough. In one of the photos Laura shared, Jana is wearing pants instead of a skirt. She’s also showing off her new blonde balayage.

While it is possible that Jim Bob is on the trip with the ladies, no pictures of him have been posted yet. So, either Jana is keeping it a secret that he’s there, or she is truly on her own this time. Fans will have to be on the lookout for more pictures of Jana and Laura’s fun trip to Las Vegas.

So, are you glad that Jana Duggar was able to go on a trip without her dad Jim Bob? Are you excited to see more photos from Jana and Laura? Let us know in the comments below.

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