Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar’s Confession Surfaces: See Video

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are known for their large family of 19 kids. Because they have so many children, they were featured on a few different TLC shows until this year, when Counting On was canceled.

Some fans may not know why exactly Jim Bob and Michelle decided to have so many kids. Over the years, they have received plenty of criticism for their decision to have a large family. Fans and critics argue that the Duggars may not know each of their kids individually and that they can’t properly care for all of them.

Jim Bob and Michelle ultimately left their family’s size up to God. Michelle previously talked about being on birth control and thought that God was punishing her when she had a miscarriage. So, from that point, the couple had as many children as God wanted them to have.

That’s how the Duggar family grew. They have a total of 19 kids, and they have also taken in a relative’s son, Tyler. Now, many of their kids are married and have started creating their own large families. Josh and Anna Duggar have the most kids so far and are expecting their seventh, a daughter, this fall.


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What did Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar admit?

Recently, Jim Bob and Michelle have been criticized for how they celebrate their kids’ birthdays. While they sometimes post about their kids’ birthdays on social media, other birthdays go by without a shoutout. Now, it sounds like there may be a very good explanation for this.

In a new video, Katie Joy of Without a Crystal Ball shares a recently resurfaced video from the Duggar family. In an interview from 2018, Jim Bob and Michelle chatted about their large family. They also talked about how they let God decide how many kids they would have.

In that interview, they also admit that they don’t know their children’s birthdays. When asked about their kids’ birthdays, the couple laughed.

They also said that they have a cheat sheet with everyone’s birthdays listed. While they don’t know their birthdays, Jim Bob does list all of his kids’ names, proving that he knows something about them.

So, are you surprised to learn that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar don’t know their children’s birthdays? Have you seen the interview before? Let us know in the comments below.

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