Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar’s Hypocritical Beliefs Resurface

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have been very open about their decision to trust God with their lives. Longtime 19 Kids & Counting and Counting On fans might recall that Michelle had a miscarriage before having her son Josh, and she believed it was a punishment for using birth control. So, from that point, she let God decide how many kids she would have.

The couple ended up with 19 children, most of which are grown up and have started their own families know. Having so many kids hasn’t been easy for Jim Bob and Michelle, as they previously admitted they don’t know all of their children’s birthdays.

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While Jim Bob and Michelle claim to have let God decide how many children they would have, there are other aspects of their lives that they seemed to handle themselves. Some of the couple’s hypocritical beliefs have resurfaced.

Duggar fans may recall that the youngest member of the family, Josie, was born prematurely and spent a while in the NICU. Today, she’s a healthy young lady, and fans can’t believe how much she’s grown.

Duggar Family Instagram

Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar called out for hypocrisy.

On Reddit, a Duggar Snark shared a meme about Jim Bob and Michelle’s beliefs. The meme shows that Jim Bob and Michelle let God choose how many children they had. But they also used “science and medicine to keep their preemie baby alive.”

One user recalls that Jim Bob and Michelle chose to have Josie delivered early due to the health risks during the pregnancy. Michelle had preeclampsia, and both the mom and baby could have faced very serious health concerns as a result. This is a decision that Jim Bob and Michelle made though, while they claimed they were letting God be in control.

Plenty of other Reddi users are chiming in and talking about how hypocritical this was of Jim Bob and Michelle. One notes that the Duggar family is still praising God that Josie is alive despite the successes of modern medicine. They write, “But still credits god for her survival, I’m sure.”

Another user adds, “On one hand they’re hypocrites because they’re not letting god decide if the baby lives or dies, but on the other they followed their pro-life agenda.”

So, do you think that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have some hypocritical beliefs? Did you notice this before? Let us know in the comments below.

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