Jimmy Carr recorded calling a heckler a “f***ing retard” after being told his jokes aren’t funny

JIMMY Carr had a heckler who told him he was not funny removed from his show after dubbing him a “f***ing retard”.

The comic lost his temper at the man, who had refused to leave as the comedian performed on stage at the Lighthouse in Dorset.


The 49-year-old allegedly had to stop three or four times and was said to be “visibly frustrated” as the heckling went on4Credit: Rex

Jimmy, 49, was performing as part of his Terribly Funny tour in Poole when he was heckled by a man in the audience.

In a recording, Carr could be heard saying: “Guys, stop negotiating with him and get him out the f***ing building.

“Dude, you’ve got to f***ing go! ou f***ing retard, go! You’ve done this to yourself mate.”

He then joked as the audience cheered him on: “If it’s any consolation, I’ll keep the f***ing money. Take the phone off him, and get him out.”

The comeidan allegedly had to stop three or four times and was said to be “visibly frustrated” as the heckling went on.

Carr’s personal security guard is said to have emerged from backstage and helped to physically remove the man from the show.

The mystery heckler was escorted out to widespread applause.

The comedian apologised to his audience in Poole, Dorset, for the disruption on Thursday evening.

Audience members at the show confirmed that the man had been “interrupting” the comedian and ruining the experience for the audience.

One told Dorset Live: “Initially they weren’t being abusive, just annoying, thinking everyone was enjoying their constant interactions.

“[They] were interrupting Jimmy’s flow and the audience’s enjoyment. Jimmy let them know that they were being annoying with his banter.”

“They were loving this attention and did not take the hint,” they concluded of how the tension grew before Jimmy took action.

“It was a bit uncomfortable as the set had lost its rhythm and we were now 20 minutes behind,” another audience member chimed in.

“‘Jimmy Carr handled it like only Jimmy Carr could, he absolutely ruined the bloke. The rest of the show once he was removed was brilliant.”

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