Jimmy Savile victim opens up on being groped by beast live on Top of the Pops ahead of new doc

One of Jimmy Savile’s victim has opened up on the horror moment he repeatedly groped her live on BBC’s Top of The Pops.

Londoner Sylvia Edwards, 63, was filmed on camera during an edition of the music show as late host Jimmy Savile continuously grabbed at her.

It comes as a new documentary about the beast is set to air on ITV tonight.

Sylvia appeared on Good Morning Britain to talk about her ordeal which took place when she was 18 in November 1976.

She watched the disturbing footage and spoke of her embarrassment as paedophile Jimmy relentlessly groped her in front of the TV cameras.

He even said to viewers watching at the time: “‘I tell you something, a fella could get used to this, as it happens, he really could get used to it.”

Sylvia Edwards told of Jimmy Savile’s abuse on TOTP on Good Morning Britain

Slyvia told hosts Susanna Reid and Ben Shephard: “His hand wasn’t going away, and I was trying to move it, but I tell you what his hand was rock solid and it would not move, it would not move.

“And I was getting embarrassed, because I couldn’t shift it out the way, and I was getting shifted, you know what I mean, his hand just kept moving.”

Sylvia appeared on GMB alongside Savile Operation Yewtree investigator G ary Pankhurst ahead of the ITV documentary at 9pm tonight, called Savile: Portrait Of A Predator.

Gary said of the predator: “Each decision and change that he made in his career actually gave him greater opportunity to offend against a greater number of individuals and also he increased the amount of protection around him.”

The new documentary looks at how the Jim’ll Fix It presenter created a career and lifestyle to aid his abuse and built up barrier to protect himself.

Gary believes Savile was an abuser who went on to become a celebrity, and told GMB: “My view on this is that I came to this investigation having spent a long part of my career looking at sex offenders, and the reality is that what I could see with Jimmy Savile, although a lot of his career was in the public domain.

“He was viewed as a celebrity, actually you could look throughout his career that he made the same choices as many sexual offenders and predators that operate in the shadows.”


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