Jinger Duggar shows off Felicity being the ‘best little chef’ as they are in the kitchen together

Jinger Duggar has a little chef in the kitchen with her. Pic credit: TLC

Jinger Duggar is busy in the kitchen this weekend, and she has a little helper with her to make things easier.

The Counting On mom shared two photos on her Instagram stories depicting pizza dough making and her daughter, Felicity, helping her do it.

It’s clear Jinger enjoys having a little one helping her, and now that Felicity is three and curious, they can spend time doing mother and daughter things.

Jinger Duggar shares new photo of Felicity

On her Instagram story, Jinger Duggar shared a photo of Felicity standing at the kitchen counter.

Felicity holds a cooking tool and looks ready to help her mom.

Jinger wrote, “Best little [chef emoji]” along with the photo.

Felicity on Jinger's IG story.
Pic credit: @jingervuolo/Instagram

Why won’t Jinger and Jeremy show Felicity’s face?

After Counting On fans watched Felicity Vuolo grow up on the show, it has been several months since Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo have shared a photo of the toddler with her face showing. They cited privacy reasons and have also stopped sharing pictures of their youngest daughter, Evangeline Jo. She was only shared briefly after her birth last November, and since then, it has also been photos of the back of her head.

It’s been a long time since viewers saw an update from the family, but they did a quick update for TLC earlier this year after welcoming Evangeline Jo. Jinger and Jeremy talked about adjusting to life with two little ones and what they look forward to with their growing family.

They have been busy traveling this summer, and more recently, they have been doing fall things with their girls. Jinger shared a photo of Felicity at the pumpkin patch, getting into the seasonal spirit.

Now, Counting On fans will have to get used to seeing Felicity and Evangeline Jo from the back. Jinger and Jeremy aren’t planning to show their faces anytime soon. They want their girls to choose for themselves whether they are comfortable with being in the public eye. Their stance was challenged initially, and some followers even questioned whether Felicity was cuter than Evangeline.

For now, fans will have to take what the parents choose to share. Without Counting On, there are no obligations for Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo to share their kids. They have continued to do so for those who invested in their lives, but with boundaries.


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