Jinger Vuolo Reveals MAJOR Glow-up: See Throwback Photo

Longtime Duggar fans have been around for many different phases of Jinger Vuolo’s life. For years, her family’s life has been documented on their TLC shows, including 19 Kids and Counting and Counting On. 

As we reported, Jinger has been redefining who she is and changing up her style. The Duggar daughter has been rocking more fashionable clothing, and she doesn’t dress quite as modestly as the rest of her family does. Now, she wears shorts, tank tops, and jeans, while her family believes women should wear long skirts and dresses.

After Jinger married Jeremy Vuolo, the pair moved to Laredo, Texas for a short time, and now they live in Los Angeles, California. They share two young daughters, Felicity, 3, and Evangeline, 9 months.


While in Los Angeles, Jinger has been focusing on her own unique style. She previously dyed her hair blonde and kept it long. But a few weeks ago, she was ready for a change and chopped it all off, dying it back to her natural brunette color. Fans are totally impressed and think she looks great now.

Jinger Vuolo Instagram

See Jinger Vuolo’s throwback photo.

But, Jinger did decide to post a humbling picture of herself from 10 years ago, reminding fans where she came from. On her Instagram stories, Jinger shared a photo of herself from a decade ago. She reveals that she was in Scotland when the picture was taken.

The Duggar daughter has curly hair and braces. She’s wearing a brown shirt, gray jacket, and long denim skirt. She’s holding a camera, taking photos of everything her family did on their trip.

@JingerVuolo Instagram
@JingerVuolo Instagram

As you can see, Jinger looks much different in the older picture than she does today. She’s clearly had a major glow-up, fans think. She wears her hair straight most of the time and dresses more fashionably these days.

Fans think her husband Jeremy has an influence on her appearance now, but it could also have to do with her living in Los Angeles and being around more stylish people. Jinger seems to have abandoned her parents’ motto of buying used and saving the difference.

So, can you believe how much Jinger Vuolo has changed? Do you remember following the Duggar family back when the picture of Jinger in Scotland was taken? Let us know in the comments below.

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