Joe Rogan got COVID after urging listeners not to get vaccine

Podcast host Joe Rogan — who has openly criticized the need for COVID-19 vaccines — has been diagnosed with the coronavirus.

The 54-year-old announcer revealed he contracted the coronavirus in a recent social media post.

“I GOT COVID. My apologies, but we have to move the Nashville show to Sunday, October 24. Much love to you all,” he wrote alongside a video of himself explaining his situation.

In the clip, Rogan said felt “very weary,” adding, “I had a headache, and I just felt just run down” after several tour dates in Florida.

He added that he was quarantined from the rest of his family and took a COVID test that came back positive. Following the result, he “threw the kitchen sink at it, all kinds of meds.”

The medicine Rogan said he took was “monoclonal antibodies, ivermectin, Z-Pak, prednisone, everything. I also got an NAD drip and a vitamin drip and I did that three days in a row. Here we are on Wednesday, and I feel great.”

Ivermectin has not been recommended by the FDA as a treatment for COVID-19.

“You are not a horse. You are not a cow. Seriously, y’all. Stop it,” the federal Food and Drug Administration tweeted last month alongside a link to an article titled “Why You Should Not Use Ivermectin to Treat or Prevent COVID-19.” Ivermectin is approved for both humans and animals, however, animal drugs that are too concentrated can be extremely toxic for humans.

Rogan has been entangled in many coronavirus-related controversies in the past. In an April episode of his popular Spotify podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience,” he advised “healthy” 21-year-olds not to take the vaccine.

“Are you healthy?” Rogan said. “Are you a healthy person? Like, look, don’t do anything stupid, but you should take care of yourself. You should — if you’re a healthy person, and you’re exercising all the time, and you’re young, and you’re eating well, like, I don’t think you need to worry about this,” he said on the show.

Dr. Anthony Fauci then slammed the host on the “Today” show and said his comments were incorrect. “You’re talking about yourself in a vacuum,” he said. “If you want to only worry about yourself and not society, then that’s OK. But you’re saying to yourself, ‘Even if I get infected, I could do damage to somebody else even if I have no symptoms at all,’ and that’s the reason why you’ve got to be careful and get vaccinated.”

However, Rogan backpedaled on his controversial comments and clarified his statements. “I’m not a doctor, I’m a f–cking moron,” Rogan said on another episode. “I’m not a respected source of information, even for me … But I at least try to be honest about what I’m saying.”

He added, “I’m not an anti-vax person. I said I believe they’re safe and I encourage many people to take them. My parents were vaccinated. I just said that if you’re a young, healthy person that you don’t need it.”

“I’m not a doctor, I’m a f–cking moron,” Rogan said.
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His staff at Spotify reportedly became outraged last month by his views and comments. “I’m personally bothered by his transphobic comments and am concerned with the way he might spread misinformation,” one employee wrote last year on the internal networking channel app Fishbowl, Insider reported.

Rogan later slammed COVID-19 vaccine passports, which provide proof of vaccination and claimed they would bring the US “one step closer to dictatorship.”

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