Joe Walsh apologizes for the radicalization of the Republican Party

Joe Walsh, the iconic host of America’s Most Wanted, came out publicly on twitter yesterday apologizing for helping to radicalize the Republican Party. He said that he had helped to radicalize the base and was now going to work for the rest of his life to help de-radicalize it.

Whether he does this or not, remains to be seen, after all, it’s only been 24 hours, but as someone who lives in a red state where we have virtually no ICU beds left… where was this attitude last year? Pre-January 6th?

Joe Walsh apologizes for the radicalization of the Republican Party

Better yet, where was this attitude a decade ago when things were really starting to ramp up? This attitude hasn’t come from nowhere, this attitude has come from 20 years worth of propoganda spewed by right-wing media outlets, of which Walsh has proudly enabled.

Now that he’s seen that the political right has created a pack of angry hyenas that can’t be called back from the chase, even when their orange savior-in-chief tells them to? Now he’s apologizing?

He should have seen the writing on the wall a long time ago, a bunch of politicians and people in media should have seen that, but still they kept on, with their cries of ‘freedom’. It’s a strange thing, this war originally started with us being against this form of religious nationalism that was put forth by the Taliban where they tied their religion and politics together in this neat but very constricting little bow and made an idealogy that couldn’t be defeated. Who exactly looked at that model and said, “Ooh, let’s try that in reverse, but with a different marketing strategy!”

Why… it looks like that would be none other than the poltiical right!  A party that Joe Walsh himself championed.

We can only hope that he’s ready for the onslaught of everything that this party has created, the uber-religious anti-vaxxers crying Jesus in the name of Freedumb and babies (let’s not forget the unborn everyone loves them and they can’t vote yet!) and those bandwagon patriots who would be willing to storm his office to set things straight with him provided they could get off work first.

He’s got his work cut out for him if he’s going to try and help call all that down. So, good luck to him, and may he reap the benefits that he has deserved.

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