John Legend, Chrissy Teigen Fleeing Hollywood To Save Their ‘Shaky Marriage’ After Bullying Scandal?

John Legend in a blue tuxedo with Chrissy Teigen in a green dress

Are John Legend and Chrissy Teigen fleeing Hollywood to save the relationship? One report says Legend is desperately selling his houses just so he and Teigen can get away from criticism. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Too Hot To Handle’

According to the National Enquirer, Legend and Teigen are leaving Hollywood in an attempt to save their marriage. Teigen got canceled earlier this month after horrific messages she sent Courtney Stodden became public. She’s lost endorsements, television shows, and could lose her marriage, the outlet reports.

Sources say the scandal has dealt a significant toll on her marriage with legend. Legend is apparently desperate to move on from the scandal, and he’s even selling one of his two Beverly Hills homes for less than he’d like just to get away. Insiders say he’s now trying to sell the other as well.

 A source says, “Everywhere they go it feels like people are holding their noses in disgust.” An insider concludes, “In John’s mind they need to get away from all the sniping and media frenzy they’ve endured in Hollywood. He’s afraid if they don’t, their marriage won’t survive.”

How Are John Legend Chrissy Teigen?

A cursory glance at Legend’s Instagram will show loads of photos of Teigen and the kids. They just went on a trip to Italy as a family, yet we’re supposed to think they’re hanging on by a thread? 

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen’s marriage is built on more than hashtags and good press. Stories about Legend breaking up with Teigen over the scandal are a dime a dozen at this point. He’s stood by his wife amid the scandal, so Gossip Cop doesn’t buy it.

What Of The Mansions?

Eagle-eyed tabloids love using real estate sales to sell their bogus narrative, so we’re wary of this supposed evidence. Legend and Teigen have been trying to sell this mansion well before the scandal hit. As the tabloid notes, they have another Hollywood home to fall back on. Celebrities dabble in real estate all the time, and it’s truly not an indication of infighting.

Legend is still a judge on The Voice. Even if Teigen’s career is over, Hollywood is still where Legend makes his money. The couple is already weathering this storm, and there’s no proof that they need to move to save anything.

Other Break Up Stories

This tabloid has claimed on more than one occasion that Legend and Teigen are hanging by a thread. Gossip Cop recently debunked a story about Teigen falling back on eating and fillers to cope with her cancellation. She’s not, and her marriage is still thriving. This tabloid really has no insight into Teigen and Legend’s personal lives, so you can disregard this shaky story.

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