John Mulaney, Olivia Munn Racing Toward Wedding?

Are John Mulaney and Olivia Munn rushing to the altar? One report says the new couple is going to get married as soon as possible. Here’s what we know.

‘Fast Track To Marriage’

According to the National Enquirer, “notorious man-eater” Munn is determined to get married. The Attack of the Show star is already pregnant with Mulaney’s baby just months into their relationship. A source explains, “Olivia loves John, and they’re elated about the baby — so she figures why not go the whole nine yards!”

The main hurdle is Mulaney’s recent divorce from Anna Marie Tendler. The two finalized their divorce in July, and Tendler apparently views Munn as a homewrecker. A source notes that Mulaney’s also just six months sober. A friend concludes, “John was told coming out of rehab that he needed to slow down his life and not make big changes… but he got back up on stage, he left his wife, he started a new relationship and now he’s going to be a dad!”

Is John Mulaney Engaged Already?

It’s true that John Mulaney and Olivia Munn are on a fast track of sorts. It’s unclear if the two started dating while Mulaney was still married, but either way, their sudden pregnancy is a tad surprising. Mulaney used to make stand-up jokes about his disinterest in children, but fatherhood is on its way.

That being said, the divorce is still really fresh. The article has the gall to quote a “friend” of Mulaney’s, but real friends would never talk to an outlet like the Enquirer. Since it refers to Munn in its opening line as a “notorious man-eater,” it’s safe to say this article isn’t exactly coming from a good place.

While every relationship is different, it’s worth noting that Munn has never been married. She and Aaron Rodgers dated for four years, yet they never got hitched. This suggests that Munn isn’t the type of person to dive headlong into marriage. These two could easily elope any time, but there’s no hard evidence that they’re in a rush to sign the papers.

Back in November, the Enquirer reported that Munn was already engaged to a mystery man. There’s tellingly no mention of this report in the Mulaney story, for it was obviously false. This lousy track record indicates the tabloid should not be trusted.

Gossip Cop has also busted engagement stories about Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas and Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn to name a few. Basically every issue of this magazine promises an engagement, and most never come. Time will tell if and when Mulaney and Munn get married, but that won’t change how little the Enquirer actually knows.


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