John Was Dissatisfied with the Cough Medicine Prescribed by the Doctor

Joe woke up one morning to a sore throat. He coughed so hard that day which made his eyes watery. But Joe managed to carry out his daily routines and even completed all his chores.

Unfortunately for Joe, by afternoon, his cough got worse. He coughed so hard, and it was so excruciating that he felt like he would die, so he decided to see a doctor.

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When Joe finally made it to the hospital, he was able to get a quick appointment where he complained to the doctor that he had been coughing uncontrollably since morning, and it seemed to be getting worse.

Feeling sorry for the man, the doctor prescribed strong medication to stop his cough. Joe thanked the doctor and left the hospital. However, he returned the following day enraged.

He shouted at the doctor, saying, “What the hell did you give me?! As soon as I took it, I got diarrhea!” Calmly, the doctor told Joe that he gave him strong laxatives, but it seemed it must have been extra strong.

The doctor’s words only made Joe even more furious and said, “Are you out of your mind?!”

However, not worried about Joe’s anger, the older man smiled and asked, “But are you coughing, though?”


A veterinarian was feeling really ill that she couldn’t go to work. She did some self-medication, but it didn’t work. When she noticed that her symptoms were getting worse, she decided to see a doctor.

At the hospital, the doctor asked her questions about her symptoms to know what drug to prescribe. As he continued with his interrogation, the veterinarian got more disgusted each passing time.

She raised her left hand in a gesture to silence the doctor. The man looked at her through his glasses, wondering what the dramatic display was all about.

She said she was a veterinarian and didn’t ask her patients questions when they visited. She only had to look at them to detect what exactly was wrong and what to prescribe. With a scoff, she asked the old doctor to do the same.

So he stepped back, carefully scanned her, wrote out a prescription, handed it to the lady before saying:

 “There you are. Of course, if that doesn’t work, we’ll have to have you put to sleep.”

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