Johnny Weir’s Olympic hair barrette sparks reactions, skater compared to Caesar Flickerman!

American figure skater and former Dancing with the Stars contestant Johnny Weir stole the spotlight at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics’ closing ceremony – all thanks to his hair game! 

Johnny sported an Olympic hair barrette tied in a bun, and Twitter users can’t get enough of it!

The social media platform was flooded with memes quickly, with some viewers comparing him to Ceasar Flickerman, a fictional character from Jennifer Lawrence’s film, Hunger Games

Olympians host the closing ceremony 

Former Olympians Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski are serving as the hosts for NBC, covering Tokyo Olympics’ closing ceremony.

The duo appeared to have already impressed the viewers as most of them have praised their role on social media. Johnny and Tara’s sense of humor combined with their knowledge of the Olympics from their own experiences thoroughly entertained the viewers.

Many have noted how the two “national treasures” are stealing the show at the closing ceremony, while others couldn’t stop discussing their look on the night, especially Johnny’s. 

Ahead of the gig, Johnny had told in an interview, “It is a huge and shining distinction to host the closing ceremony in Tokyo.”

Who is Caesar Flickerman?

Johhny’s style statement has certainly made a solid impression, but that didn’t stop the viewers from using this opportunity to compare him to Caesar Flickerman from Hunger Games

Similar to Johhny at the Olympics, Caesar is seen as the host for the Hunger Games. The character is best known for helping candidates from different districts with interviews and flaunting different hair colors throughout the franchise.

On seeing Johhny’s hairdo at the Olympics closing ceremony, Twitter users were quick to draw comparisons between him and Ceasar, all on a funny note. 

Olympic Games Tokyo 2020: The Official Video Game – Olympics Celebration Trailer



Olympic Games Tokyo 2020: The Official Video Game – Olympics Celebration Trailer





Memes flood Twitter as skater’s hair steals the spotlight! 

Johnny is known for owning his style. It isn’t the first time he is being discussed for sporting a unique look. He had created a similar buzz when he competed in Dancing with the Stars, where fans were just as impressed with his hairstyle and costume as they were with his dance moves. 

However, Johnny’s look for the Olympics closing ceremony is being specifically discussed for resembling Ceaser, and some of the memes that popped up on Twitter really are hilarious. Here are a few of them. 

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