JoJo Fletcher In Los Angeles For Mystery Job, What Is She Up To?

Former Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher is away from Puerto Rico and in the United States. She went to Instagram and shared she’s in Los Angeles for a month. When she made her announcement fans went crazy wondering what she’s up to. JoJo said she is on “standby.” However, the question remains, what is she on standby to do?

Why is JoJo Fletcher in Los Angeles?

JoJo Fletcher got the rumor mill started just by being completely honest on Instagram. She revealed she’s in Los Angeles for a potential job. She said she will be there an entire month. So, if she doesn’t get to work then she doesn’t know what she’s going to do to pass the time. JoJo did mention she texted bestie Becca Tilley. She said this would be a perfect time for Becca to teach her how to make a TikTok.

Fans went into rumor mode immediately. Someone asked her if she was there for The Bachelor. Many thought perhaps she was asked to host the show. She replied no. Someone else said it’s the same hotel Tayshia and Kaitlyn stayed in so that had fans wondering if her being there does somehow involve the show. There are countless reasons to speculate on.

Someone else asked her if she was going to be on Dancing With the Stars. JoJo said she got dm’d that question a ton. She said right after her season aired she was supposed to compete on the show. However, her contract wouldn’t allow her to do so. It sounds like the same situation Kaitlyn Bristowe found herself in originally after her season wrapped.

So, JoJo basically said no she is not going to be competing on Dancing With the Stars.

The mystery still remains as to why JoJo is in Los Angeles. Perhaps she will spill the beans or someone else will figure it out.

It’s Jordan’s birthday

JoJo mentioned in her video to fans that today is her fiance, Jordan Rodgers birthday. He is 33 and not able to be with JoJo to celebrate. She noted they celebrated last week. He is in Puerto Rico until Tuesday. Then, Jordan heads out for football season. If anyone didn’t know he is a sportscaster.

She asked fans to flood him with well-wishes since she can’t be with him.

In other news, JoJo and Jordan have finally set another date to get married. They will finally get married in 2022. In fact, JoJo just picked her dress all over again for the big day.

So, what do you think about JoJo’s job she may be possibly doing?

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