JoJo Fletcher, Jordan Rodgers Start Wedding Countdown For Third Time

Here they go again! COVID has forced JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers to postpone their wedding not once but twice. So, now they have a date set again and are ready to head down the aisle. Hopefully, the pandemic settles down and does not create any further delays. Fans have been anxious to see these two become husband and wife. So, when is the big day for JoJo and Jordan? Please keep reading to find out more about their wedding.

JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers set a wedding date

US Weekly caught up with JoJo Fletcher, who spilled the beans on when she and Jordan finally got married. When is the new date? JoJo and Jordan will get married in May 2022.

JoJo said, “Every time we postpone, it’s had to be one year out from the date because fall is not an option. Jordan’s gone for football all fall, and there are only a couple months of the year where our venue is really thriving and beautiful because it is outdoors, so it is just May of next year.”

This year’s nuptials were delayed once again because of the pandemic. The venue had tight restrictions in place still. So, many have asked why the couple doesn’t change venues. JoJo said, “We couldn’t get our deposit back, [but] it’s wonderful. We really do love this venue so much, and so we wouldn’t want it anywhere else.”

They are excited to be able to start the countdown again finally. In fact, JoJo just went and tried on dresses again. See more on that outing below!

All about her dress

JoJo took besties Becca Tilly and Tanya Rad with her to try on wedding dresses the first time. It wouldn’t be the same if these two weren’t around for the second trying on the fun. JoJo said, “I prepared myself for a really dark day.” She continued, “They were there with me the first time I tried on the original dress. And I’ll tell you what, the first time I tried it on, I think mentally, I was just, like, putting that block up, and I was like, ‘I don’t know.’ I didn’t get that reaction. I was like, ‘We got to try on all the new ones.’ So, I tried on all the new ones, and I came back to the original. I feel like that’s a win.”

She did decide to get a second dress for the reception. After waiting so long, JoJo wants a party and feels she deserves two dresses. Her second dress will be bride-like but also be more fun. She hasn’t picked it yet but has definitely committed to the idea of two dresses.

JoJo says no matter what, this time their wedding is happening. They’ve definitely waited long enough.

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