Jon and Kate Gosselin’s kids Collin and Hannah, 17, have made Christmas lists as he’s estranged from other six children

JON and Kate’s kids Collin and Hannah, 17, have made Christmas lists as the reality star has become estranged from his six other children. 

Jon, 44, has gotten a jump ahead of the holiday season thanks to his two teens, according to Hollywood Life


Jon Gosselin pictured with Hannah and CollinCredit: Instagram
Jon Gosselin has received his kids' Christmas lists


Jon Gosselin has received his kids’ Christmas listsCredit: Getty

During his interview, the Jon & Kate Plus 8 star revealed the “interesting things” that Collin and Hannah had asked for, including a “new comforter.”

He added: “They send their lists. They use apps. They add it to their Amazon cart which is ironic because I work for Amazon.

“They’ll send me 50 things so then I just pick through things. They send stuff like furniture. Who sends furniture in their Christmas list? It’s funny.”

While also gathering presents for Collin and Hannah, the TV star and his kids “like to donate to different charities as well.” 

Jon mentioned: “I try to teach my kids that.”

Kate, 46, and Jon have had an ongoing custody battle since their divorce in 2009 after spending 20 years together.


After years of going back and forth in court battles, the co-parents have currently split where their kids must live with either parent.

A source told HollywoodLife: “Kate picked up and moved the kids down to North Carolina to spend their junior and senior years there with a totally new life.”

Four of the exes’ 16-year-old sextuplets – Aaden, Joel, Alexis, and Leah – live with Kate and have moved with her to North Carolina.

The other two, Collin and Hannah, live with their father and will remain with him in Pennsylvania.

Mady, 20, and her 20-year-old twin sister Cara were left out of the custody agreements as they are both legal adults and had headed off to college.


Recently, Jon and Kate’s daughter Mady took to TikTok and shared a recap of her “September memories” as she attended classes at Syracuse University.

The former child star smiled for the camera before sharing back-to-back photos, outings to the library, grocery store, walks in the park, and hang-out sessions with friends.

The former TV personality attended concerts, had sleepovers with her buddies, visited a waterfall, enjoyed grilled cheese, and enjoyed the beautiful weather in upstate New York.

Mady captioned her post: “Dancin’ in September,” while giving her fans an inside look at her college life.

Because her parents have kept a low profile on social media since the cancellation of their show in 2017, Mady has given fans glimpses into her lifestyle through her various TikTok videos.

Jon and Kate Gosselin divorced in 2009


Jon and Kate Gosselin divorced in 2009Credit: Getty
Jon and Kate Gosselin pictured together


Jon and Kate Gosselin pictured togetherCredit: Getty
Kate & Jon Gosselin’s daughter Mady shared her college life on TikTok


Kate & Jon Gosselin’s daughter Mady shared her college life on TikTokCredit: Social Media – Refer to source
Kate & Jon Gosselin’s daughter Mady shares video of September ‘memories’ at college while parents continue custody war

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