Jon Gosselin Defends Breakup Timing, ‘Surprised’ By Cancer Post

Some thought the timing of Jon Gosselin and Colleen Conrad’s breakup was a little strange. Given the fact that she announced her battle with breast cancer immediately before news of their breakup broke. Unsurprisingly, some assumed her cancer had something to do with the split. And, Jon Gosselin caught a lot of heat for the timing of the breakup. Sitting down with The Sun, however, Jon Gosselin is defending the timing of the breakup. The former TLC star wants the world to know when they went public with the breakup isn’t actually when it happened.

Now, rumors started to swirl they were no longer a couple when Colleen Condred left Jon Gosselin out of her announcement about cancer. Likewise, he also didn’t react to the announcement from his own account. So, it is possible Jon Gosselin was forced to go public with the split after the announcement of her cancer diagnosis caused the rumors to swirl.

Jon Gosselin defends breakup timing, surprised by cancer post omission

According to the TLC star, problems started to form for the couple when the pandemic started. He explains they spent a lot of time trying to fix the relationship. This included going to therapy. Jon Gosselin wants the world to know he loves Colleen Conrad and he always will.

But, the relationship came to a “natural end.” Moreover, he adds that their breakup was a mutual decision. It wasn’t a matter of one person dumping the other person. Jon and Colleen agreed things were not working anymore.


Jon Gosselin Instagram

He believed he was extremely supportive

While speaking to The Sun, the topic of Colleen discussing those who had supported her during her battle with cancer. Everyone noticed Jon Gosselin was NOT mentioned.

Jon described the post as “different” to the outlet. But, he wanted it to be clear he didn’t have any negative feelings toward his ex-girlfriend. He, however, added that he was a little surprised to be omitted from the acknowledgment section. Jon Gosselin noted he was under the impression he had been extremely supportive during her battle.

Jon Gosselin Instagram
Jon Gosselin Instagram

He explained: “Colleen did all the research, she’s a great medical professional, and through my insurance we got her the best care.”

I went to most of the appointments in Philadelphia, took time off work to drive her there. I tried to support her as best I could, being by her side and meeting with all the doctors, trying to understand the cancer and her diagnosis, doing all the research and being as supportive as I could. I was at her surgeries while still trying to hold down my job. I was pretty much stretched to the max and overwhelmed and exhausted. I think I did my best for her, trying to be the best kind of friend, I guess, while knowing full well that we might not end up together in the end.”

Were you surprised by the timing of their breakup? Do you understand why Jon Gosselin would feel the need to defend the timing?

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