Jon Gosselin Sends Hannah and Collin to First Day of 11th Grade in Matching Cars

Jon Gosselin is sending two of his kids off to school in style. The former Jon & Kate Plus 8 star shared a photo to Instagram Wednesday of Collin and Hannah getting ready for their first day as juniors in high school, posing outside in front of their matching cars before heading out. “First day of 11th Grade!!!! Good Luck Hannah and Collin!!! Love Dad,” Jon captioned the photo.

Jon’s followers couldn’t believe how much the two 17-year-old sextuplets have grown since their days on reality TV. “They look happy and healthy and so grown up! All the best to them and you,” one person commented, as another added, “Wow 11th grade I remember watching them in diapers.” Another was impressed with the stylish transportation the two had, writing, “Matching Fords. How cool is that?”

Hannah and Collin live with their father, while the rest of their sextuplets, Leah, Joel, Alexis and Aaden live with their mother, Jon’s ex-wife Kate Gosselin. The pair are also parents to 20-year-old twins Mady and Cara, who are away at college. In May 2020, Jon told Entertainment Tonight that aside from Hannah and Collin, he did not get to speak with his other kids.

The former TLC star said his wish would be for his children all get to “hang out together,” but he felt like there was an “invisible wall” keeping them apart. Jon added that he’s “not stopping them from coming together,” but he “can’t speak for the other side.” He continued, “I’m hoping that when my kids — and they will get their license, and when I say my kids I’m referring to Hannah and Collin — that they’ll just drive to school and pick up their siblings. And legally, no one can stop them from doing so.”

As for his older daughters, Mady and Cara, Jon said they hadn’t talked to him in “six years or seven years.” He said, I just give it time, maybe as adults they’ll come talk to me. I don’t know.” Holding onto hope of reconciliation in the future, Gosselin said there was plenty of opportunity down the line. “Maybe a wedding, their weddings might be one of those,” he said. “‘Hey, how are you?’ I have no idea. I’m more of an extroverted personality, I’m very outgoing. I tend to forgive easy. I don’t forget. We’re Korean, we don’t forget.”

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