Jonathan & Drew Scott Reveal a Renovation Mistake


HGTV stars Jonathan and Drew Scott are known for their home renovation skills. However, even professionals of their caliber have made some mistakes throughout their careers.

Jonathan & Drew Scott Discussed a Mistake Involving a Tree

During a July interview on the “HGTV Obsessed” podcast, the famed renovators revealed that they caused damage to a garage while attempting to save money at the start of their careers.

“Back in the day, Drew and I, we were too cheap when we first started renovating our own properties and things like that — this is before I went to college for construction and design, we had one investment property we got. And it had this really oversized tree and it was really, really big. It must have been about four stories tall,” said Jonathan.

He stated that the tree “was in a really bad location in the backyard and [they] needed a path to go through there,” which meant they had to move it. However, the price to hire a professional arborist was going to cost $800. The Scott brothers were unwilling to pay the price so they decided to take care of the situation themselves.

“We started cutting it and we had all these ropes pulling it. We knew we had to pull it away from the house because we didn’t want it to fall on the house. So we had it all lined up. We did all the math in our heads. Pull, pull, pull, cut, cut, cut, d*** it! And the tree swung around and flattened the garage. We didn’t even anticipate that there was going to be a swing,” said Jonathan.

Drew then urged fans to “use professionals” when remodeling their homes.

Jonathan & Drew Scott Gave Home Renovation Advice in a 2017 Interview

Jonathan and Drew often give their fans home renovation advice. For instance, in a 2017 interview with TheStreet, the brothers discussed the fact that homeowners need to take certain steps to have a successful and budget-friendly remodel. Drew shared that clients often want renovations that are outside of “what they can afford.” He then described the difference between female and male clients.

“I actually would say that guys think, for example, that a contingency — you have your budget and then you have a contingency for any problems that come up during a renovation for example, or if you’re purchasing a place you always have a little bit of a buffer. Guys think that’s for a big screen TV. Women are usually a little bit more savvy. But they also think about the family spaces of the home,” explained Drew.

Jonathan also noted that homeowners need “to be really diligent when you set your budget.” He encouraged those who are remodeling to “understand what things you could always add down the road that aren’t going to cost any more than they would right now.”

“Those are the smart decisions. But the thing is once the walls are open during a renovation those are the things that you want to make sure that you get the right insulation, the right technology behind the walls because you don’t want to go tearing a wall back open after,” asserted Jonathan


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