Josh & Anna Duggar’s Disturbing Marriage Details LEAKED

Longtime fans of the Duggar family may remember Josh and Anna’s courtship, marriage, and early years. When the family’s shows started airing on TV, many of the important moments in Josh and Anna’s relationship were documented.

In addition to being shown on TV, fans read about them on their blogs. Now, many of those blog posts have been deleted, but fans now follow along on social media.

Since Josh’s arrest earlier this year, fans and critics have been diving deep into old episodes, social media posts, and more that may point to his alleged crimes. As fans know, Josh was arrested for the possession of child sexual abuse material. Leading up to his trial, which is slated for November 30, more details have been surfacing. Now, information about his relationship with his wife Anna has been leaked.


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Josh & Anna Duggar’s marriage arranged?

In a new YouTube video, Katie Joy of Without a Crystal Ball discusses the couple’s relationship and how it came to be. She uses a search tool to look back at Josh and Anna’s old blog, which has since been deleted. In one blog post, Anna talks about learning about Josh’s family and thinking how great it was that she was raised the same way as Josh.

In one of the blog posts Josh wrote, which was written in 2009 before anyone knew about his molestation scandal, he talked about his struggles as a teenager.

Katie also points out the power dynamic between Josh and Anna and how that may have influenced their relationship. She calls Anna a “super fan,” who may have been obsessed with Josh. From TLC’s portrayal of Josh and the rest of the family, it looked like he had the same values as Anna and that he was truly “keeping his heart right.” In reality, around that time, Josh had been sent away in response to his parents finding out about him molesting his sisters.

When Anna showed an interest in Josh, her dad agreed that God wanted them to be together. Shortly after, Josh and Anna began courting. Katie believes the marriage could have been arranged due to Josh’s molestation scandal and other possible problems he was dealing with growing up. She believes Anna might have been blinded by how TLC showed Josh and didn’t know what was really going on.

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