Josh Duggar Search Warrant Affidavit Surfaces: Who Is Randy?

After new information about Josh Duggar’s arrest has surfaced, fans want to know who Randy is. The search warrant affidavit reveals that someone named Randy was working at the car lot Josh worked at when an undercover HSI Task Force Officer came in. This is the first time we’re hearing of Randy and that anyone was at the car lot working with Josh.

Right now, it’s unknown who Randy is and what connection he has to Josh and this ongoing case. Fans have questions about the search warrant affidavit and are trying to determine who Randy is. For now, all of the speculations about Randy and his identity are not confirmed.

The search warrant affidavit reads:

“On November 1, 2019, a HSI Task Force Officer, acting in an undercover capacity, arrived at Wholesale Motorcars located at the SUBJECT PREMISES and entered the business office to inquire about potentially purchasing a used vehicle from the dealership. Upon entering the office, the undercover HSI Task Force Officer was met by an unknown employee who identified himself as ‘Randy’ and another employee who identified himself as ‘Josh.’”

Josh Duggar, TLC
Josh Duggar, TLC

It was also confirmed that the Josh working at the car lot was Josh Duggar. But it’s still unclear who Randy is. On Instagram, Katie Joy of Without a Crystal Ball reposted a part of the document, mentioning Randy’s name.

@WithoutACrystalBall Instagram
@WithoutACrystalBall Instagram

Fans try to figure out who Randy is in connection with Josh Duggar

In the comments section of Katie’s post, Duggar family followers are trying to figure out who Randy is. They have lots of questions and are hoping to find some answers. Unfortunately, Katie has limited the comments on her post, meaning only a select number of comments can come through.

One user did some further investigating and tracked down a review for Josh’s car lot that mentioned an employee named Randall. They write, “In one of the car lots old reviews it says, ‘Super happy with Josh and Randall. Very nice and helpful. Found exactly what we wanted. Thanks guys.’ Assume Randy is Randall?”

Others speculate that Randy could be Jim Bob Duggar or another family member. Some are joking that Josh had a boyfriend and that it must be Randy.

It’s possible that we will find out more about Randy and his possible connection to the family or the case later on. Josh’s trial is in November. So, if Randy is important to the case and Josh’s possible sentencing, he may be introduced at that point. There’s also a chance that he simply worked at the car lot with Josh and doesn’t have anything to do with the case. For now, it’s all speculation.

So, who do you think Randy could be in connection with Josh Duggar? Do you think one of the previous commenters is correct? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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