Josh Duggar’s Legal Team Has Small Win As Judge Sides With Them

Josh Duggar is currently awaiting trial in his child sexual abuse material case. His trial is on November 30, and in the meantime, his legal team is working hard to win it and keep him out of jail. If Josh is guilty, he will spend decades behind bars. The Duggar son claims he’s innocent, and his wife Anna reportedly believes him too.

Only time will tell what truly happens with Josh’s case. Now, his legal team has made a small advancement toward winning the case, which could have an effect on the outcome.

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Josh Duggar arrested by feds

For those who don’t know, Josh was arrested by the federal government earlier this year. After a hearing, he was released on conditions. So, he must stay with a guardian. He cannot be around children, except his own, with his wife’s supervision.

The family arranged for Josh to stay with the Rebers, a family friend. Anna is reportedly spending a lot of time at the home with Josh, but it’s unclear where the kids are right now.

Over the past couple of months, more information about the case has surfaced. It was recently revealed that Jim Bob Duggar originally placed the blame on Josh’s employee at the car lot. Even more disturbing information about the case is public now too.

Judge sides with former TLC star

In court documents obtained by Radarit was revealed that the judge recently sided with Josh’s legal team. The legal team has been asking the government to release some of the information about the investigation. They were hoping to get these reports to build a stronger defense.

Per the report, the judge ordered the government to “accomplish the task and obtain the logs to produce to the defense.”

So, now Josh’s team has an opportunity to use these documents to defend him at trial. Many of the details so far have only made things look worse for Josh. He even made a “rookie mistake” when downloading explicit content from the internet. But it’s possible that his team will find something in these reports to defend him in November.

So, what do you think this means for Josh Duggar’s case? Do you think his lawyers will be able to build a good enough defense? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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