Josh Duggar’s Rehab Facility BUSTED For Covering Up Abuse

Josh Duggar’s rehabilitation facility was recently exposed for covering up the sexual assault of over 20 people. WIFR reports that the truth about North Love Baptist Church is now being brought to light.

So far, 21 females have come forward and shared about the abuse they experienced at North Love. The abuse took place under Paul Kingsbury’s watch. Until this week, Kingsbury had been a pastor at North Love since 1982. He also founded Reformers Unanimous while he was there.

In a statement to WIFR, North Love Head Deacon Doug Stodola said, “The deacons are fully aware of, and take seriously, the allegations being made against Pastor Kingsbury and North Love Baptist Church. The deacons are united and looking into these matters. Please give us time, and have patience as we seek the truth in Christ.”

When did Josh Duggar go to rehab at North Love Baptist Church?

Longtime Duggar fans will recall that Josh went to rehab in 2015 for an addiction to pornography, as well as infidelity. The former TLC star admitted that he was dealing with these issues before heading to rehab.

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According to blogger Katie Joy of Without a Crystal Ball, “A source who worked at the facility spoke to us & told us Josh received no help. He spent his days reading a Bible.”

Katie adds, “The source claimed many men in the program were pedophiles & there were allegedly no restrictions of the men being kept from children.” So, it doesn’t seem like the facility was as legitimate as the Duggar family might have thought it was.

At the time, Josh was reported to be spending at least six months in rehab and was required to put in 40 hours of labor per week. He was also required to have daily prayer sessions. He was a part of Reformers Unanimous, which was founded by Kingsbury.

Katie’s social media followers are sharing their thoughts about this news. Some of them grew up going to North Love or lived nearby. They say they have heard bad things about the church and its rehab program for years. They are disappointed that Josh didn’t receive the appropriate treatment for his issues over five years ago, as well.

So, are you surprised to hear about Josh Duggar‘s former rehab facility being busted? Did you think the facility was legitimate? Let us know in the comments below.

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