Josh Duggar’s Search Warrant Shows He Made A ‘Rookie Mistake’

Since Josh Duggar’s arrest, more information about his case has emerged. The former TLC star was arrested for the possession of child sexual abuse material. So far, he’s saying he’s innocent. However, his wife Anna Duggar reportedly believes he’s innocent too.

After his arrest, Josh was released on conditions. He must stay with a guardian and stay away from minor children other than his own kids. So, he’s staying with the Rebers, a family the Duggars know. While he’s living with them, sources say that Anna has practically moved in and stays with him most nights. She also brings their six kids to see him, sources say.

Anna Duggar Instagram
Anna Duggar Instagram

Josh Duggar allegedly makes a ‘rookie mistake.’

Recently, Josh’s search warrant was made public. It shows that Josh was caught when a detective used “BitTorrent software designed for law enforcement.”

The software showed where the explicit content was downloaded. So, law enforcement was able to trace the downloads to an IP address in northwest Arkansas.

The search warrant revealed that Josh didn’t use a VPN or hide his IP address while downloading child sexual abuse material. It would have been more difficult for the investigators to track the downloads back to his car lot if he had done this.

Katie Joy of Without a Crystal Ball shared this information on social media, too. She writes, “Maybe Josh Duggar isn’t that smart.” Previously, it was thought that Josh was tech-savvy. But now, it’s looking like he didn’t know what he was doing after all.

In the comments section of Katie’s post, Duggar family followers are chatting about this detail. One user writes, “With as much as he supposedly knows about technology, that sounds like a rookie mistake.”

Several users also share their theories behind Josh’s carelessness. One writes, “He’s too cocky he never thought he’d get caught, and if he did, he just figured daddy would get him out of trouble.” Someone else asks, “Arrogance, stupidity, or both?”

Obviously, everyone agrees that it’s good that Josh got caught, and if he is guilty, he will be charged later this year. In addition, Katie’s followers and many people familiar with the case are glad that Josh made a “rookie mistake” that led to him being caught.

For the latest updates on Josh Duggar’s case, check back with usHis trial is on November 30, but more details have been coming out ahead of the trial.

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