Josh Gordon should be signed by the Seahawks for three reasons.

Last week, wide receiver Josh Gordon was reinstated by the NFL. The veteran wide receiver has been reinstated for the sixth time by the league. The former Cleveland Browns and New England Patriots were all suspended six times by the NFL for drug-related issues.

3 Reasons to Sign Josh Gordon GM John Schneider said the Seahawks will look into re-signing wide receiver Josh Gordon, who is expected to be reinstated by the NFL soon. “We’d like to get started with him right away..” ” Seahawks general manager John Schneider said the team will look into re-signing wide receiver Josh Gordon, who is expected to be reinstated by the NFL soon. “We’d like to get started with him right away..” ” – Russell Wilson thinks he’s great”He’s a fantastic receiver. Last season, a player who was fantastic for us made some outstanding plays. Obviously, he’s been a fantastic player for a long time and all that. In a 2020 interview, Russell Wilson said


During the same interview, the Seattle Seahawks quarterback revealed a little more about Gordon’s relationship with the team to journalists.

“To be honest, he was going through a lot in his life at the time..” All of these are matters of personal preference. But I believe he did an outstanding job of truly bonding with the guys and fitting in. He was planning his strategy and studying the playbook. He was ready to go… He was the perfect fit. ”

The star quarterback went even further, explaining why he was rooting for Gordon personally.

“I’ve always said I’m going to pray for people,” she says. I’m going to pray for people to be able to overcome all of them. I’m rooting for him to succeed, and hopefully this time it will be better than the last. “”More than anything else, it’s hopefully a sign of his maturation as a person. You always want to see people succeed in the face of adversity. ”

Returning to the field in a place where his teammates adore him could be the final step in Gordon’s recovery.

#2 – Gordon likes Wilson and the Seahawks

Since John Schneider and Pete Carroll took over in 2010, the Seahawks have been a player-friendly organization. Gordon demonstrates that even former players rarely have negative things to say about their time with the Seahawks. Gordon only appeared in five games for the Seahawks in 2019, totaling

. His brief time with the team, however, left a lasting positive impression. Gordon stayed in Seattle last offseason to work out with Wilson, despite the fact that he was facing a suspension.

#3 – The Seahawks need a third wide receiver

It may have only lаsted five gаmes аnd seven cаtches, but his 139 yаrds аnd ridiculous 19. Gordon showed thаt he cаn still mаke big plаys by аverаging 9 yаrds per cаrry.

His speed аnd аbility to stretch the field could be the icing on the cаke for the offensive Seаhаwks. DK Metcаlf аnd Tyler Lockett аre constаntly working on double coverаge. By including Gordon in the mix, short blаnket situаtion defenses will be creаted. There will be insufficient defenders to cover аll of the Seаhаwks’ wide receivers.


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