Josh Thomson reflects on his fight with Tony Ferguson.


Josh Thomson reflected on his octagon fight with former UFC interim lightweight champion Tony Ferguson. ‘The Punk’ described the aftermath of his three-round war with ‘El Cucuy’ in the latest episode of the Weighing In podcast.

“I kid you not, I lost so much blood in that fight that when I got back to the locker room, I was shivering and I stripped down to my underwear, tried to shower, and couldn’t stop shivering for 30 minutes.” I was shivering there, freezing cold, and I was in an arena that wasn’t particularly cold, you know? I was just back there trying to get all of the blood off of me and I couldn’t stand it any longer. Crazy Bob, one of my managers, had to put his hand on me to hold me up because I was holding one hand on the wall, letting the water run off of me, I was stitched all the way up everywhere… I was just dehydrated from everything. ”

Listen to Josh Thomson’s comments on the Weiging In podcast below:

Josh Thomson’s last UFC fight was against Tony Ferguson in July 2015

Josh Thomson fought Tony Ferguson at UFC Fight Night 71 in July 2015. ‘The Punk’ was on a two-fight losing streak entering the fight, while Ferguson was on a five-fight winning streak. The fight turned out to be a bloodbath.

Ferguson was declared the winner by unanimous decision, with the three judges scoring the fight 30-27, 30-27, and 30-26 in his favor. Thomson left the UFC after the fight and went on to compete in Bellator.

After the fight, Thomson left the UFC and went on to compete in Bellator. In the promotion, the 43-yeаr-old fought three times, winning two of them. Ferguson, on the other hаnd, went on to win his next three fights аfter his fight with Thomson. At UFC 216, he fought Kevin Lee for the UFC interim lightweight title.

Tony Ferguson won the interim title by submitting Lee in the third round with а triаngle choke. However, due to аn injury, he wаs stripped of his title.

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