Joy-Anna Duggar’s fans are convinced she’s PREGNANT with third child as she ‘hides baby bump’ in sweet family photo

JOY-ANNA Duggar’s fans questioned if she’s expecting baby number three after she posted a family photo where she appeared to be concealing a “baby bump.”

The Counting On alum shared the group shot to her Instagram of her with her husband, Austin Forsyth and their two children.


Joy-Anna shared a photo of her family leading fans to think she’s expectingCredit: Instagram
The couple are already parents to two children


The couple are already parents to two childrenCredit: Social Media – Refer to Source

The couple posed for the pic while standing in an empty field, each with a child in their arms.

Austin, 27, held their son Gideon, three, while Joy-Anna took hold of their daughter, Evelyn, one.

The family of four smiled for the portrait donning their best Sunday attire.

Both father and son sported chachi pants and button down collared shirts, while the girls wore flowy blue dresses and brown shoes.

While many fans took to the comments to praise the “beautiful family” photo, some speculated that Joy-Anna may be attempting to “hide a baby bump” with the placement of her daughter covering her belly.

After one fan commented on the post: “No 3?”, another replied with the same thoughts writing: “that was my first thought when I saw how she was holding the little one.”

The photo also surfaced on Reddit where the user captioned the post: “Tell me she’s not pregnant!,” prompting a slew of responses.

One person wrote: “It’s the pose for me.”

A second agreed, writing: “My guess is she’ll announce early next year”

While a third replied: “Her face Is rounding up and she has started glasses again, I call pregnant. The posing of that little girl is suspicious”


Back in August, Joy-Anna teased a new addition to their family when she debuted their newly adopted kitten.

The 23-year-old took to Instagram to reveal the kitten, as the first photo showed Gideon holding the pet and laughing while Evelyn giggled and looked on.

Joy-Anna joined the fun in the next snap as she posed with her two kids, captioning the post: “Sometimes the smallest things take the most room in your heart.”

Fans were loving the family’s new pet, as one person wrote in the comments section: “The pure joy on their little faces is priceless.”

Another chimed in with: “Gideon and Evy are absolutely adorable!”

Even Joy-Anna’s sister Jessa commented, however, she was more focused on Evelyn, as she wrote: “Evy’s thighs!”


The mom-of-two was recently slammed by critics on social media for how she parents her two little ones.

Earlier this month, the ex TLC star angered fans who believed she wasn’t spending enough time homeschooling her toddler son.

The comments came after Joy-Anna took to her Instagram stories to tell her fans how she spends a bit of time every day teaching Gideon basics such as the alphabet and colors.

She filmed herself in their living room as she spelled out her reasons for her homeschooling methods.

“I normally try and do like five minutes a day, doesn’t always happen but just like to get the numbers, the letters, the colors kind of ingrained in his head,” she explained.

“And I feel consistency works better than [studying] over long periods of time, every so often.”

She added, while holding up a workbook: “So I’ve got this fun schoolbook that I found for him… so anyone that’s our morning.”

Joy-Anna then shared an adorable video of her and Gideon singing the ABCs together.

But fans on Reddit were not impressed by the adorable display and instead slammed the young mom for only doing five minutes of teaching with her son.

“What do you expect from Joy?” wrote one fan on Reddit.


The month prior, the former reality star was ridiculed for putting her daughter in an “unsafe” tree swing following a post.

In the video, Joy-Anna sat on the end of a crane to haul herself up to the desired branch of the tree and tie several ropes around it.

She wrote: “Yes, that’s me up there… and no, it wasn’t my idea! It’s just how we do things here in the country.”

Her husband Austin then fitted the swing to the ropes and placed Evy in it.

The toddler giggled as she swung back and forth in the swing, before her brother Gideon had a go.

Joy-Anna wrote in the video: “Hours of memories and laughter are already being made here. I love our family.”

She shared the clip on Instagram and captioned it: “Surprising our kids with a tree swing… to the sky!”

Critics branded Joy-Anna and Austin “irresponsible idiots” for hanging the swing from such a “weak” branch.

One wrote on Reddit: “All of this is scary unsafe. But that branch they used looks weak as f**k. That’s not a tree you hang a swing from.”

Another agreed that the branch was dangerous, posting: “That little branch to hold a baby swing?”

A third warned: “It’s all fun and ‘out in the country’ until you get seriously injured.”

Back in March, Joy-Anna shared a heartfelt message admitting that she has “messed up more times than I can count” in raising her children.

She wrote: “I am human and I have messed up more times than I can count, but I am striving to do better for them. I pray that I can become of a loving and patient mother (like my incredible momma).”

Joy-Anna teased a new addition to their family when she debuted their newly adopted kitten


Joy-Anna teased a new addition to their family when she debuted their newly adopted kittenCredit: Social Media – Refer to source
She has been ridiculed on social media for how she parents both of her children


She has been ridiculed on social media for how she parents both of her childrenCredit: Instagram @joy4site
She admitted in a heartfelt message that she has "messed up more times than I can count"


She admitted in a heartfelt message that she has “messed up more times than I can count”Credit: Instagram/Joy-Anna Duggar
Joy-Anna Duggar admits she only homeschools son Gideon, 3, just ‘FIVE minutes a day’

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