Joy-Anna Forsyth Subtly Responds To Pregnancy Rumors

Duggar fans have been waiting for a pregnancy announcement from someone, and Joy-Anna Forsyth appears to be the most likely to get pregnant next. Of course, we won’t know for sure until she officially makes an announcement. Still, fans are speculating.

A recent social media hiatus from Joy-Anna sparked a conversation that she might be pregnant. Plus, the photos that she posted when she finally returned to Instagram only fueled the rumors. Now, Joy-Anna has subtly responded to the rumors that she’s got a baby on the way.

Joy-Anna Forsyth Instagram

On her Instagram stories on Thursday, Joy-Anna revealed that she and her husband Austin joined a co-ed softball league. She writes, “Doing something really exciting tonight!” Their first game is on Thursday evening.

Because she’s playing softball, this may shut down some of the pregnancy rumors. If she’s pregnant, it may not be safe for her to be too active. Or she may not feel well enough to be active in this way. It’s possible that Joy-Anna shared these details with fans to silence some of the rumors about her possibly being pregnant with her third baby.

But there is still a chance that Joy-Anna is expecting again. So, her decision to play softball may not prove whether she is or isn’t pregnant.

Joy-Anna Forsyth has tested her limits while pregnant.

While it may seem like Joy-Anna isn’t pregnant because she’s playing softball, it doesn’t seem like that would be enough to stop her from playing.

On Reddit, Duggar Snarks are recalling Joy-Anna’s actions during prior pregnancies. One user notes that Joy-Anna rode an ATV while she was pregnant.

Other users mention how softball isn’t really that dangerous anyway. One user writes, “I played softball until i was about 4/5 months along. I just was more careful. But I played in leagues all my life.” Someone else chimes in, “This is what I was thinking. As long as you’re being smart and not doing any crazy slides or anything, you should be fine.”

So, it’s unclear whether Joy-Anna is expecting or not. If she is pregnant, it’s only a matter of time before she announces it to the world.

So, do you think that Joy-Anna Forsyth is pregnant, or do you think she and Austin are waiting to grow their family? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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