Joy Duggar Shows Some Skin In Summertime Snaps: See Photos

Joy Duggar Forsyth is joining some of her sisters in ditching Jim Bob and Michelle’s strict modesty standards. Since many of the Duggar kids have gotten married and left their family’s home, they have decided to stop following the modesty rules their parents asked them to adhere to. Longtime fans will recall that the girls have always worn long skirts and dresses.

Now, Jinger Vuolo and Jill Dillard are often seen in shorts, tank tops, and jeans. If they were still living at home, this wouldn’t be allowed. But they have decided to do what’s right for them and what they believe is appropriate. Fans are so glad that Jill, Jinger, and now Joy have started making their own decisions.

Joy-Anna Duggar Instagram
Joy-Anna Duggar Instagram

In a new series of photos on Instagram, Joy is showing some skin as she enjoys the summer with her two kids, Gideon and Evelyn, and her husband Austin.

As we reported, Joy returned to Instagram after an unexpected absence. In a new post on Monday, she wrote, “Hello friends! We’re back!👋🏼 It’s been a refreshing past month.😌 Taking time to refocus, reprioritize and spending some quality time together is so important! We have been outdoors, soaking up the sun, exercising, annnddd we’ve been working on a fun project that I’ll catch y’all up on later! Thank you for all of you that have messaged to check up on us!🧡”

She also shared a handful of pictures showing fans what she and her family have been up to in the meantime. In a couple of the photos, Joy’s legs are very visible. It’s unclear whether she’s wearing shorts or a skirt. Fans are pointing out that whatever she’s wearing is shorter than she typically wears.

Joy Duggar praised for outfit choices

In the comments section of Joy’s latest post, fans are commenting and praising her for her latest fashion decisions. One writes, “Joy you showing your legs?” Another fan chimes in, “I was shocked too! Not supposed to be show knees.”

Joy Duggar Instagram
Joy Duggar Instagram
Joy Duggar Instagram
Joy Duggar Instagram

Someone else writes, “🙌 Sporting some shorts In a few of these.” One of Joy’s followers wants to learn more about her decision to show some skin. They write, “I’d love for @joy4site to share about this! 😊”

More fans share similar comments. One writes, “Looking amazing. Rocking that look. Go girl.” Another adds, “You look amazing! So awesome to see you in shorts. You look so pretty.”

So, what do you think of Joy Duggar’s new photos? Are you glad she’s deciding what to wear for herself? Let us know in the comments below.

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