Joy Forsyth Leads Her Children Down A Forbidden Path

Former Counting On star Joy Forsyth is showing fans that she’s taking her children, Gideon, 3, and Evelyn, 1, down a forbidden path. She doesn’t seem to mind doing things differently than she’s used to. Now, fans are praising her for making this decision for herself and her kids.

So, what exactly is Joy doing with her kids?

Joy Forsyth reveals she’s taking her children down a different path.

Joy has decided to do something a little different and is taking her kids along with her. The former TLC star revealed her big plans in a new post on social media.

Joy Forsyth Instagram

Recently, Joy has been sharing about her physical fitness. She competed in a triathlon and also started playing co-ed softball. She revealed it’s her first time being a part of an organized sport.

In her latest post, she shared a few photos and a video of herself and the kids working out. She wrote, “These kids love ‘working out’ with mama!”

It looks like Joy has a couple of friends who work out with her as well. In the photos, Joy appears to be wearing shorts, but it’s hard to know for sure.

Joy Forsyth Instagram
Joy Forsyth Instagram

Are the Duggars allowed to work out?

Counting On fans know about the Duggar family’s strict guidelines. They aren’t allowed to dance, they must court instead of date, and PDA isn’t allowed. So, fans naturally want to know whether working out is allowed by the Duggar family.

Technically, working out isn’t forbidden by the Duggar family. However, many of the typical athletic clothes are immodest, making it difficult for them to find clothing to work out in. As we reported before, when Joy competed in the triathlon, she wore a tank top. So, she’s not totally adhering to her parents’ modesty rules anymore.

Joy Forsyth isn’t the only one getting fit these days.

Joy’s sister Jinger Vuolo has also been documenting her fitness journey via social media. It looks like the Duggar daughter often works out in her Los Angeles, California home.

Jill Dillard recently revealed that she is trying to run, even if she’s slow or can’t make it far yet. Her son Israel is also running cross country at his school.

So, maybe the next generation of Duggars will feel comfortable working out and getting healthy. For now, Joy seems to be doing things differently than her parents chose to and doesn’t mind wearing tank tops to work out.

So, are you surprised to see that Joy Forsyth is raising her kids differently than she was raised? Are you glad she’s teaching them these healthy habits from a young age? Let us know in the comments below.

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