Joy Forsyth Rocks A Tank Top & Shorts, Defies Duggar Modesty Rules

Joy Forsyth is showing off her body on social media, proving that she’s done with her parents’ strict modesty rules. The former Counting On star is wearing summery clothing to stay cool, which her parents don’t agree with.

Duggar fans know that Jim Bob and Michelle expect their kids to follow a set of modesty rules. The girls are supposed to wear long skirts or dresses. Their shirts should be modest, too. While the kids appear to have no problem following these rules while living under their parents’ roof, many of the adult women are choosing to dress differently.

As we’ve reported, Jinger Vuolo often wears shorts, jeans, tank tops, and other clothing that doesn’t align with her parents’ beliefs. Jessa Seewald has been spotted in pants a couple of times, too. Jill Dillard no longer adheres to her parents’ rules and wears shorts, tank tops, and even swimwear now.

For most people, wearing pants or shorts isn’t a huge deal. But it’s a big surprise when the Duggars do it. For years, fans have only seen them in skirts or dresses. So, they are technically rebelling against their parents.

Recently, Joy began dressing differently, showing her shoulders in tank tops or wearing shorter skirts. In one of her recent snaps, she shows even more skin.


Joy Forsyth Instagram

Joy Forsyth shows off summery style.

On her Instagram stories, Joy was showing fans the RV she and her husband Austin Forsyth are renovating. After showing fans the RV, she propped her phone up and recorded herself doing some work in the RV. When sharing the video on Instagram, she sped it up. But it’s still very obvious that she’s wearing a tank top with shorts.

Fans feel that it’s got to be easier to renovate an RV or chase kids around in shorts instead of a skirt. So, maybe Joy is simply wearing shorts because they are more convenient. Either way, Counting On fans are here for her recent transformation.

Last week, when Joy returned to social media, she was wearing a shorter skirt or shorts in one of the photos she shared. In response, fans applauded her for showing some skin.

So, what do you think of Joy Forsyth’s outfit? Are you proud of her for wearing what she feels comfortable in? Let us know in the comments below

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