Judge Denies Erika Jayne’s Attempt To Remove Lawyer Who Is Investigating Her

I think it’s safe to say that things aren’t going so well for Erika Jayne. Now that husband Tom Girardi’s alleged crimes are on full display, her own house of cards is coming down. We’ve been watching this season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills with baited breath. Each episode wondering what she’s going to say next. And what she’s been saying certainly isn’t adding up. Even her castmates are starting to question her stories. But she does still have some costars in her corner, willing to believe whatever she says. Which is rich considering how they treated Denise Richards defending herself against rumors. But I digress.

Erika may not care what her RHOBH cast members may think of her, but things are different in the court of public opinion. It’s definitely not shaping up in her favor. She desperately needs a PR team and if she has one, they need to be fired immediately. Her antics on social media are fanning the flames and her performance on RHOBH is just looking like a damn mess. Even RHOBH producers are turning over unaired footage to investigators. It doesn’t get worse than that. Well actually, it does.

Radar Online is reporting that Erika tried and failed to have the attorney investigating her removed from the case. The attorney in question, Ronald Richards, was appointed by Tom’s bankruptcy trustee to uncover whatever funds Erika may or may not still have. The court signed off on the motion and the investigation ramped up quickly. People want to know where that $20M Tom put into her business went. But Erika quickly started complaining about a conflict of interest because he represented another creditor of Tom’s.

She’s also pissed that Robert has been tweeting up a storm about her and her case. Which is true. But when Erika demanded he be put under a gag order, the judge ruled that the motion was “totally without merit.” Big loss for ole Erika.

The order in response to Erika’s filing for a gag order read,“It appears to be nothing more than a blatant attempt by Ms. Girardi to impede Mr. Richards’ efforts on behalf of the trustee to investigate allegedly fraudulent transfers of the debtor’s assets to Ms. Girardi and to prosecute an action against her to recover those transfers for the benefit of the estate.” The judge also ruled that Robert’s tweets about Erika didn’t violate any ethics rules.

So, with that, the investigation in Erika will continue, whether she likes it or not. Erika still denies having anything to do with Tom’s finances.

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