Julia Roberts Going On ‘Trial Separation’ With Husband After Non-Stop Bickering?

Are Julia Roberts and Danny Moder separated because they couldn’t decide where to live? Twelve months ago, Gossip Cop confronted a report about the couple entering a “trial separation.” Let’s look back on that story and see what actually happened.

Julia Roberts Bickering With Her Husband?

According to OK!, Moder and Roberts were butting heads over where to raise their family. When they should have been happily celebrating their 18th anniversary, the couple were instead fighting nonstop over a move to California, an insider explained. “They’re tired of bickering about it, but they’re at an impasse and may be headed for a trial separation where Julia moves there by herself and Danny stays put.” Moder was also worried about Roberts working with Denzel Washington on Leave the World Behind, given the fact that he’s a flirt with incredible chemistry with Roberts.

Gossip Cop had already busted the narrative about Roberts and Washington before this story even came out. He’s been married for decades, and everyone’s a professional. This tabloid had predicted that the Mystic Pizza star and Moder would split up on more than one occasion. With no real evidence and a lofty track record, we simply debunked the story.

Did They Separate?

Nope! Time is often the best way to debunk an unbelievable story. Roberts and Moder have not spent the past year apart. They’ve been traveling to Hawaii and have continued to work. The two recently celebrated 19 years together. No separation happened, so we were right to debunk the story.


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California Dreaming

The Notting Hill star also moved to San Francisco, so it sounds like Moder was never really bothered over this ordeal. The family purchased a home there in 2020 and has slowly been moving in over the last year. It’s pretty common for stars the level of Roberts to own multiple homes around the world, but it sounds like she’ll be based in San Francisco for years to come.

Many Other Tall Tales

This was hardly the final time this tabloid completely whiffed on a story about Roberts and Moder. It called a routine trip to Hawaii a make-or-break vacation. It promised details on a Roberts tell-all but only delivered a massive bait-and-switch.

Most recently, it said Moder was a bad influence on their children. How this tabloid could know anything about Moder’s parenting was left completely unexplained. OK! knows absolutely nothing about these two, and you should disregard their absurd stories.

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