Julianne Hough ‘Totally Gone Overboard’ With Plastic Surgery, Friends Worried?

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Are Julianne Hough‘s friends worried she’s overdoing it with her cosmetic treatments? One tabloid insists the Dancing with the Stars alum isn’t looking like herself. Gossip Cop investigates.

Friends Disapprove Of Julianne Hough’s ‘Fishy’ New Look?

A few months back, the Globe reported Julianne Hough was “wrecking” her appearance with endless rounds of cosmetic treatments. The outlet insists Hough has had so many lip fillers that she’s “almost unrecognizable.” An inside source dished, “Julianne’s had some surgical and nonsurgical things done, but her lips just look wonky,” adding, “No one can understand why she’d do it. Her lips looked fine to her friends and family, but Julianne obviously thought they needed more volume and clearly got carried away.”

The insider goes on, “She’s also totally gone overboard with the spray tanning and hair extensions. She ditched the short blond bob that suited her so well, and now she’s looking like a Kardashian!” The outlet notes that the star recently split from her husband, former NHL player Brooks Laich, and speculates she may be trying to show him what he’s missing. “She’s obviously having fun experimenting and trying new things, but she doesn’t even look like Julianne anymore!” the source muses.

The tabloid consults the opinion of a cosmetic surgeon who hasn’t treated Hough. “Julianne’s lips look much larger! I suspect she’s had lip plumping injections, possible with a filler like Juvéderm Ultra,” the doctor speculates. “They look a bit swollen so that they may settle down. Her natural lip proportions appear to have changed, with her upper lip the same size as her lower lip.”

Julianne Hough Sporting ‘New Trout Pout’?

So, is it true Hough’s new look has her friends concerned? We seriously doubt it. What real friends would run to the tabloid to insult her? It’s obvious the tabloid wasn’t talking to any “insiders” and instead was criticizing her appearance and hiding behind made-up “sources.” The magazine is the only one obsessing over whether or not she’s had work done.


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While Hough is totally allowed to change up her look, we’d hardly count hair extensions as going “overboard.” Also, it’s unclear why the tabloid suggests she’s overdoing it on spray tans. One glance at her Instagram page can tell you she’s constantly out in the sun, so her glow may be totally natural. Now for her lips, it’s unclear if she’s had fillers, but that’s none of our’s or the tabloid’s business. The dancer is looking amazing, fillers or not. But most importantly, Hough seems happy and healthy. Isn’t that what matters?

Other Plastic Surgery Stories

The Globe is constantly claiming women are overdoing it with cosmetic work. Last year, the tabloid claimed Ellen DeGeneres was desperate to get plastic surgery. Then the outlet reported Dolly Parton was “splurging” on a $2 million cosmetic procedure for her birthday. Next, the publication alleged Goldie Hawn had “ruined” her face with plastic surgery. And the magazine even claimed Caitlyn Jenner was getting a breast reduction to get taken seriously in politics. Obviously, the Globe has a fixation on famous women’s appearances and can’t be trusted to report accurately.


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