Justin Duggar’s Wife Claire Subtly Responds To Pregnancy Rumors

Is Justin Duggar’s wife Claire dropping clues that she isn’t expecting a baby yet? The couple has only been married since February, but fans are already wondering when they will begin growing their little family. In the Duggar family, it’s not uncommon to conceive shortly after marriage.

Now, Claire has debuted a brand new look, revealing that she colored her hair. She transformed her brown hair by adding some blonde balayage, similar to her sister-in-law Jana’s hair.

However, this could be proof that she isn’t pregnant yet. It’s a common belief that you shouldn’t color your hair early in pregnancy. So, because Claire recently dyed her hair, she could be proving to fans that she’s not pregnant in hopes of shutting down the rumors.

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Justin & Claire Duggar waiting to become parents?

While many people believe it’s harmful to dye their hair while pregnant, the American Pregnancy Association says there’s not much evidence proving that it’s dangerous. So, being pregnant doesn’t mean you have to skip coloring your hair. Some doctors recommend waiting until the second or third trimester to color your hair. Others suggest postponing trips to the salon until after you’ve given birth.

It doesn’t seem likely that Claire would be in her second trimester, considering that she has not made an announcement yet. So, either she’s early in her pregnancy and her doctor approved this decision, or she’s not yet expecting a baby. Her choosing to color her hair isn’t quite enough evidence that she’s not pregnant, based on the American Pregnancy Association’s information.

So, we don’t know for sure whether Justin and Claire have a baby on the way. While they haven’t announced a pregnancy yet, it’s possible she isn’t very far along yet. But there’s also a chance the young couple is waiting to start their family. They’re still young and only got married in February.

No matter what, fans will continue to be on the lookout for signs that Justin and Claire are having a baby soon. Fans think it’s only a matter of time before they make the big announcement themselves.

So, do you think this proves whether Claire and Justin Duggar are expecting? Or do you think she still could have dyed her hair if she has a baby on the way? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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