Justin Timberlake Jokingly Takes on Shift at Target, Sans Proper Uniform

Justin Timberlake may be one of the most famous performers of today, but he recently spent a hard day’s work at a location you definitely recognize — Target. According to Entertainment Tonight, Timberlake was spotted working at Target by TikToker Douglas Anthony. Although, he wasn’t wearing the typical red uniform (or a “Suit and Tie”).

On Thursday, Anthony posted a video of Timberlake working in a Target location in Colorado. The singer, donning a beanie, blue shirt, and a gray jacket, can be seen scanning Anthony’s items in the clip. Even though the situation is a bit unorthodox, it doesn’t seem out of the ordinary to Timberlake, who nonchalantly goes about his work by scanning the items, which included a speaker, mints, and gum. At one point, he asks Anthony, “What else do you want?” The TikToker captioned the video by writing, “Justin Timberlake said post this for the naysayers.” He also included the hashtag, “#HeSaidNoHateAndHeWillStartATikTok.” Anthony’s post has since gone viral on TikTok, garnering over one million views and counting.

Timberlake reposted the video on his Instagram Story. He captioned the clip by writing, “Haters gonna say it’s fake.” ET noted that this isn’t the first video that Anthony has posted of Timberlake. About a week prior to posting the now-viral Target video, he posted a video of himself and the singer dancing in the parking lot of another major retailer — Walmart. Timberlake appeared to be wearing the same outfit that he wore in the Target video.

Several fans flocked to the comments section of the original Target video in order to share just how much they love seeing the singer out of his typical working environment. Billboard reported that one individual commented, “Wait was he working at tagert [sic] I thought he was still making songs.” Others asked the hard-hitting questions, with one fan commenting, “Why did he scan it and put it back on the rack. I know he’s never had this kind of job but… Has he never been in a store before this?” One of Timberlake’s former *NSYNC bandmates, Lance Bass, even got in on the TikTok fun. Bass joked in the comments section of Anthony’s video, “This guy looks oddly familiar. I can’t place it.”

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