Kailyn Lowry WHACKED By Exes Chris And Javi For Playing Victim Card

Teen Mom fame Kailyn Lowry has been at the center of public attention for a while now. In recent times, she has continuously been in the headlines for bringing up something or the other. Unfortunately, the mother of four does not seem to be lucky in her romantic relationships.

To Kailyn’s fans, it looks like her horrifying activities lead to her broken heart. But, this time there is something new in the row. Kailyn, who was not satisfied enough after creating a mess for her ex Chris in other ways, has once again decided to be after his blood. And this time to seek more attention, she has also trapped Javi in a way by calling out the trash for his ex Lauren.

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Numerous feuds are going on between Chris and Kailyn, one popular being FAT-SHAMING. Recently, The Teen Mom Mother had polled on social media asking who is the fat-shaming baby daddy and gave options of her three exes Javi, Jo, and Chris. Further, she also shared the fat-shaming comment of Chris. Things seem to accelerate more now as she plays a victim card again. So what is she up to now? Let’s check out!

Teen Mom: Kailyn Lowry Plays FAT-SHAMING As Her Victim Card

Teen Mom 2 Celebrity Kailyn Lowry went on her Instagram and shared a video on her story. She asked viewers to shout out to Chris and Javi’s Ex Lauren for calling Kailyn fat f*. She was seated in the car and captioned the post saying, “Shout out to Chris & Lauren for calling me a fat f*, fat POS and told me to get running.”

Furthermore, she clarified that this was said by Chris and Lauren weeks ago. Therefore, she doesn’t want it to be misunderstood as something recent. According to The Sun

, Kailyn added that their words affected her and in a way motivated her to work on herself. She said “I’m not saying that any of it’s okay, but this is something that has motivated me and has been on my mind for several weeks now.”

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She tried to show a nice side of her, somewhat like a blessing in disguise! But it does not seem that what she said was genuine. Instead, it gives the viewers a notion that again she has come up with something sarcastic, with no real thought.

Chris Lopez And Javi Marroquin SLAM Kailyn For Her Unnecessary Drama

Meanwhile, Kailyn Lowry was harshly slammed by Chris Lopez over the new drama that she has created. Knowing how she asked the viewers to shout out on Chris and Lauren, the former gave a stunning slap reply to the 29-year-old Kailyn. He replied sarcastically, saying if you play a VICTIM CARD, you can never improve in life. Here, he clearly meant that instead of sitting and continuously talking garbage, she should think about improving herself.

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Moreover, he asserted that self-pity could lead to misery. By such acts, Kailyn is trying to be pitied upon, which is not suitable for a known TV Star. In addition, Javi also reacted frustratedly to all the trash talk and said that it’s time that Kailyn should ‘GROW UP!’

The rivalry does not seem to end here. It would be hopeless to think that Kailyn will stop babbling on her fat-shaming quota. It seems this has become her permanent way to keep her audience engaged. Do you think Kailyn is right? Let us know in the comment section.


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